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abbott laboratories dividend 2020

Posted by on 2021-01-07

Thanks for taking the question and congrats on a good quarter. So in our numbers here, I think we’ve kind of excluded them. Vascular you’ve got an average price erosion there of 5% to 6%. And just maybe following up on COVID testing here, I mean, obviously, you’re testing revenues are going to be up very sharply in the fourth quarter on the strength of Binax. We’re also seeing a nice pickup here for the pediatric endocrinologist segment. But I think most of that is because there — a lot of them are going to be coming out of a hole [Phonetic], right, they’re going to have a certain amount of easy cons, especially if you look at like Q2 and Q3 this year. The current TTM dividend payout for Abbott Laboratories (ABT) as of December 29, 2020 is $1.44 . Hier erhalten Sie eine Übersicht über die Dividendenzahlung und Dividendenrendite von ABBOTT LABORATORIES sowie die anstehenden und vergangenen Hauptversammlungstermine (HV … Obviously, the biggest opportunity we have is to expand the mitral valve repair with the NCD for the secondary MR indication. This is a positive change from Abbott Laboratories’s previous quarterly dividend of $0.36. So I think we’ve got a great opportunity here with COVID testing to deliver differentiated earnings power and growth while at the same time investing in this pipeline that Abbott has built over these years to sustain that growth rate. But what we did — what we were able to do with that is we actually picked up new users and we picked up market share. So I guess that I leave you there Joanne with — we’ve got tremendous momentum, strong 2020, we’re going to have a stronger 2021 and we realize that we’ve got a unique opportunity here with over 100 products in our pipeline to be able to kind of fund and drive on top of our double-digit earnings and top line growth next year. Dividends are common dividends paid per share, reported as of the ex-dividend date. But a lot of that what we’re seeing is share gain and market expansion based on the data that we’re seeing. I talk about the testing demand over four different phases, the pandemic phase, the recovery phase, a vaccine phase and a post-vaccine phase. q3 earnings infographic investor newsletters. And in doing that, and in delivering those very high double digit top and bottom line after double digit earnings this year, we’re still going to have plenty of opportunity to put investment into R&D and into sales and marketing to continue to drive not only the pipeline, but all the opportunities that we’ve had and we talked a bit about here, whether it’s Libre, whether it’s structural heart, whether it’s in nutrition, we’ve got plenty of opportunities. So you put that together and you look at our sales growth, we were definitely taking share. Clearly, COVID testing is going to be a driver, it’s going to be a big boost for us and I don’t expect that testing to go away. I’m trying to think about how as we look forward, that revenue either is reinvested or flows through or maybe you redirect it towards targeted M&A. Quarterly. There was a second question, Joanne, I — we didn’t grab it here. So the combination of new users and market share and then the immunity messaging resonating with consumers and physicians is really kind of strengthened that portfolio. Our next question comes from Joanne Wuensch from Citibank. To-date, we’ve sold more than 100 million COVID tests across our diagnostic platforms. Thank you. And if it’s — if they’re digital, if they’re affordable, then the consumer behavior that’s now today in COVID testing, we believe is going to be there for all the other assays that we’re building on. We’ve got a next gen TAVR device called Navitor that we’ve been working on this will be our third iteration. The placements of instruments took a little bit of a pause in Q2. IMPORTANT: The Web site to which you are being provided a link above is not part of the Abbott Web site. "Paying a strong and growing dividend is foundational to Abbott," said Robert B. Ford, president and chief executive officer, Abbott. So in that number, you’ve got some of that international antigen there. We can either accelerate their development and they’re coming to market, we’ve got opportunities to expand, market development, the opportunities that we have in MitraClip to be able to invest in that, strengthening of that market, strengthening our competitiveness. Add ABT to your watchlist to be reminded of ABT's next dividend payment. So Robert, maybe back in the fiscal ’21 question, I guess, maybe if I approach it slightly differently. We also obtained CE Mark for Libre 3, which integrates Libre’s leading accuracy and performance into the world’s smallest, thinnest disposable sensor, the size of just two stack pennies at the same affordable price as currently available versions of Libre. Abbott (ABT) Declares $0.36 Quarterly Dividend; 1.6% Yield. I think it’s going to be around for a while just because it’s easier to do. I’ll give an example of that, when we started the year, in the US, we had over 20,000 ID NOWs placed in the US alone, in four months, we’ve already doubled that placement rate by more physician offices, retail channels and a variety — universities and different channels. Abbott's cash dividend is payable May 15, 2020, to shareholders of record at the close of business on April 15, 2020. It’s a good business. We now have over more than 2.5 million users that’s significantly more than our next competitor. During the third quarter, we launched a new rapid antigen test called BinaxNOW, which is a disposable test about the size of the credit card that can determine if someone is infected with the virus within 15 minutes without the use of an instrument. A webcast replay of this call will be available after 11:00 AM Central Time today on Abbott’s Investor Relations website at A lot of that was some pent-up demand. The readings every minute, which is unique to Libre, allows us to get a better alarm performance. But obviously, if you look at the athletic training and sports population, it’s a significantly large population here. So that’s the piece that then kind of got impacted, the acute part of the portfolio has actually done pretty well. I just had two quick follow ups, first is just done on COVID testing, does that $1.3 billion, $1.4 billion run rate that you highlighted include contribution from the OUS antigen test or is that more upside to come as that fully launches in the fourth quarter. Sure. It’s an easier sample, it’s a faster result. If you look at how COVID kind of progressed a little bit, it hit the developed markets, I think harder in Q2, and then the emerging markets, it hit us more in Q3, especially markets like India, Russia, some markets in Latin America also. On the nutrition side on your question, it was on an adult, right. Yeah, so I guess we’re trying to triangulate here as much as we can, but we’re not going to put out a specific number. With that, I will now turn the call over to Robert. … Our pipeline continues to be highly productive. Nov 16, 2020. We were having great share gains, both in the immunoassay, and then the clin chem business also. See More. So I think we’re very well positioned to go from what is a very strong year for us in 2020, to an even stronger year in 2021. I’ll wrap up with our diagnostics business, where sales grew nearly 40% in the quarter. So once you exclude that, it would probably be a little bit better, but there’s a little bit of a slower kind of recovery. Thank you. So I’ll just kind of wrap up here, we’ve had a nice growth step up here in the third quarter. We’re seeing strong demand in both US and internationally, which led to global adult nutrition growth of 12.5% in the third quarter. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, January 14th. Hey, guys, congrats on a solid print [Phonetic] here and thanks for taking my question. We continue to see steady improvements in demand and procedure trends across our portfolio, which resulted in five of our seven businesses within medical devices, achieving positive sales growth in the quarter, including electrophysiology, heart failure, structural heart, neuromodulation, and diabetes care. Abbott has increased its dividend payout for 48 consecutive years and is a member of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index, which tracks companies that have annually increased their dividend for at least 25 consecutive years. I’ll just go back to the notion here that, the COVID assay might go down to a steady state. And I see the opportunity for lab based and rapid lateral flow testing also. So…. Hi. Find the latest dividend history for Abbott Laboratories Common Stock (ABT) at webcast. And that’s true for both US and internationally for both devices — for devices. On the vascular question, yeah, we had — it’s interesting. Sure, I think it’s — we had a very strong quarter, which gave us confidence here to be able to raise the bottom end of our forecast this year, and obviously, that momentum, that strong momentum is going to — will carry into 2021. The following presents a detailed Abbott Laboratories stock price history for your review. Abbott has increased its dividend payout for 48 consecutive years and is a member of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index, which tracks companies … I still think we’re in this phase right now David, depending on what country you are or state, you’re in a pandemic or in a recovery, and I expect that to last definitely all next year. We’re in a very, very different position than that. Thank you. Yeah, listen, our financial is stronger and is very healthy, we’re generating nice cash and we’re allocating to our needs. Leads 229 Securities Going Ex-Dividend This Week Abbott undertakes no obligation to release publicly any revisions to forward-looking statements as a result of subsequent events or developments, except as required by law. How should we think about Abbott share gains over the past few months? Dividend Definition. Internationally, growth in Southeast Asia was offset by continued challenging conditions in Greater China. Abbott (ABT) Declares $0.36 Quarterly Dividend; 1.4% Yield. On Friday, Abbott Laboratories undertook its long-standing annual ritual and raised its quarterly dividend. Dividend Shot Clock® ... AbbVie, Oracle and Abbott Laboratories Go Ex-dividend This Week Shauvik Haldar | Jul 13, 2020 Check out the securities going ex-dividend this week. So I think there’s — there’ll be an opportunity there and Abbott will be in a unique position there to be able to capitalize on that. No, I don’t. And that’s how we’ve kind of set our targets. As I think about our device portfolio, there are still cardiovascular needs, people still need to get a pacemaker, there’s still a need for mitral repair, there’s still a need for ablation, for AFib. We’ve increased our full year guidance, which now reflects double digit EPS growth and I think that’s pretty unique and differentiated in this environment. Thank you. Foreign Exchange had an unfavorable impact of 1% on sales, which was somewhat favorable compared to expectations had exchange rates held steady since the time of our earnings call in July, reported sales increased 9.6% in the quarter. But when — we looked at a lot of the data, and we started to see a similar trend in September than what we saw in June in the developed markets, right. With the vaccine, you might see a trend of a little bit of a decrease on the PCR testing, I think, just — and then maybe an increase in antibody testing. So we’re looking forward to enter that market here in the US. So that’s gone very well. So if the COVID assay itself, when will it ramp down two years, three years, okay, it’ll eventually ramp down to more of like a flue state kind of business. So I’m very excited about that structural heart portfolio. You’ve seen certain systems kind of focus on treating COVID and keeping other hospitals more focused for electives. Categories Earnings Call Transcripts, Health Care, Abbott Laboratories  (NYSE: ABT) Q3 2020 earnings call dated Oct. 21, 2020, Scott Leinenweber — Vice President of Investor Relations, Licensing and Acquisitions, Robert B. Ford — President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert E. Funck — Executive Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Josh Jennings — Cowen and Company — Analyst. So we’ve actually built a team that’s separated from the diabetes group that’s just focused on developing this opportunity. Regarding Libre 2 in the US, we were able to get the product on shelf — in the retail shelf mid-August, so we had about a partial quarter over here, but the customer response has been really positive. Shares were up 3% in afternoon hours on, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) has seen its stock gain 23% over the past three months. If you look at the businesses that were most hit by COVID, devices, and core lab, so laboratory testing outside of — out of COVID, those have shown a really, really nice recovery, starting in June into July, and then into the third quarter. So I see the market is still an opportunity for growth. But to your question here, it’s all about kind of steady sequential quarter-over-quarter improvement. It’s got some of it in there, Bob, obviously, when you’re doing this kind of ramp up the way we’re doing it across continents, very different platforms there, we want to make sure that we can deliver. As I mentioned earlier, during the third quarter, we launched Libre 2 in the US, which sets a new standard in the market, with best-in-class accuracy and alarm performance as well as 40% longer wear time compared to competitors. But if you look at the consumable part of our business, so which probably reflect better the return of procedures, so looking at mapping catheters and therapeutic catheters, we saw a high single digit growth right there. It’s a little premature here David to kind of start talking specific about guidance. But I give some general comments here. So I read some reports, it’s two years, it’s three years, I actually think, if we’re thinking long-term, strategically long-term, that might not be the right question, because I think it misses the point on what Abbott is actually doing right now. So I think we’ll see some of the recovery there. The hike was considerable -- a 25% boost to $0.45 per share. Abbott (ABT) Raises Quarterly Dividend 25% to $0.45; 1.7% Yield. The hike was considerable — a 25% boost to $0.45 per share. The larger part of the market is here in the US. These non-GAAP financial measures are reconciled with the comparable GAAP financial measures in our earnings news release and regulatory filings from today, which are available on our website at With that being said, let’s take a look back at my November 2020 dividend income. And one of the things that the team did really well, starting in Q2 is they started to look at our messaging regarding immunity benefits of our adult nutrition. Although still early in the launch, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. But I think Q4 is going to be better than Q3. Yeah. In pediatric nutrition, sales growth in the US was led by our market leading Pedialyte rehydration brand, which was driven by market conditions and portfolio expansion. But before that, we were renewing our existing contracts and in the 90% range, and new tenders that were coming up for bid, we were in that kind of 45% to 50% kind of win rate. Encouragingly, as we exited the quarter, we started to see signs of market recovery in several of those countries and we expect we’ll see a continued recovery curve going forward. We’ve done an initial collaboration here, which I think is going to provide us a great visibility on how this kind of very large mass segment needs to be addressed and the different strategies we’ll be able to kind of deploy. Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $728.80 up from $584.61 an … And I have one follow up. Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) declares $0.36/share quarterly dividend, in line with previous. Dividend Growth Years; ABBV: Abbott Laboratories 170.56 1.44 0.36 07/14/2020 4.82% 46 ABT: AbbVie Inc. 164.54 4.72 1.18 07/14/2020 1.54% 46 BEN: Franklin Resources, Inc. 10.45 1.08 0.27 07/14/2020 5.33% 37 Yeah, EPD, we definitely saw some more challenging market conditions in this quarter than what we had in Q1 and Q2. 1-888-332-2268 (U.S. or Canada)  Economic, competitive, governmental, technological, and other factors that may affect Abbott’s operations are discussed in item 1A, Risk Factors to our annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2019, and in item 1A, Risk Factors in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 2020. That’s helpful and then just one big picture question. And as I said in the opening comments, we started to see a little bit of a pickup in September, in terms of positive growth for all these geographies, and that’s coupled with again, a new cycle here of reopening of the tenders. Regarding other aspects of the P&L, the adjusted gross margin ratio was 57.4% of sales. A lot of that was driven by our manufacturing ramp up, our scale up and the new products we launched. And as you think about next year, and you think about new test capacity, Panbio, how should we be thinking or how are you thinking about sort of duration of testing relative to kind of a $2.7 billion base here in 2020? Hey, Larry. And I shared that — my view here was that a lot of the volume was still going to be in this kind of pandemic recovery phase that even with a vaccine, you’d still get kind of more of a steady state, but a lot of the volume was going to be coming during this pandemic and recovery phase. With me today are Robert Ford, President and Chief Executive Officer; and Bob Funck, Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Any opinion expressed in the transcript does not necessarily reflect the views of AlphaStreet, Inc. © COPYRIGHT 2020, AlphaStreet, Inc. All rights reserved. That was a real nice sequential improvement versus Q2. If you look at what we’ve done with COVID and the investments we’ve made there, the speed at which we’ve been able to make those investments and execute it because of that strategic flexibility that we have in the balance sheet, talked about manufacturing expansions with Libre, which we’re definitely going to need as we expand the portfolio and build the portfolio and other parts of our medical devices too. The goal with this product specifically is to help kind of athletes achieve kind of better performance by using data so they can kind of better fuel themselves to avoid fatigue. And I think that Abbott’s in a unique position with not only the platforms that we’ve developed, but the manufacturing and supply chain that we’ve assembled. I think we saw probably at the end of Q1, there’s a little bit of pantry loading, Larry, we saw that in the US, saw a little bit of that internationally too. And we’ve got a very rich pipeline in our cardiovascular area too and in our core lab business, the continued rollout of Alinity, improving our menu, expanding our menu, that’s all helping us become more competitive in this recovery process. ABBOTT PARK, Ill., Dec. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Abbott (NYSE: ABT) today announced that its board of directors has increased the company's quarterly common dividend to 45 cents per share, reflecting a 25% increase. Freq. Thanks and good morning and congrats on all the good results this quarter. But do I think that there’s an opportunity for antibody testing as the vaccine gets rolled out? Got you. Your line is open. We focus on paying strong and growing dividend, it’s part of our identity. Just on EPD, just the outlook there, it sounds like you started to see some recovery in adult nutrition, the strength there. We’ve seen a nice progression from Q2 to Q3. The businesses, we’ve spent some time talking about the businesses that were hardest hit by COVID. Robert, I was hoping you could talk a little bit about the medical device franchise and following up on Bob’s question just on the outlook, but just thinking about how you’re setting internal targets for your med device sales team or just internally how you’re going to judge success? press release . So there’s been a rebound. Okay, thanks so those powerful thoughts, Robert. Regular. On Libre Sense, listen we’ve always talked about, we could expand beyond diabetes. And then more importantly, Robert, I’d love to get your view, just like based on everything you’re seeing right now, what are your directional thoughts on the outlook for 2021 for medical devices ex diabetes? Yes, we’ve developed a lot of COVID tests. Abbott Laboratories reported Dividend Yield of 0.0135 in 2019. Dec 15, 2020 at 6:08AM ... Abbott Laboratories announced a dividend increase on Dec. 11. Finally, the company has one of the strongest balance sheets in the medical device sector. That obviously helps the economy, it helps contain the virus, but what we’re actually doing here, if you take a step back at a bigger picture is we’re actually executing on the vision that we had when we bought Alere where we wanted to build a premier point of care business, so that we could decentralize test, so that we could democratize test and so that we could digitize test. Abbott, which received FDA approval for a "five minute" coronavirus test last month, said uncertainties linked to the pandemic's "duration and impact" forced it to suspend 2020 profit guidance. It cannot be recorded or rebroadcast without Abbott’s express written permission. This marks the 388th consecutive quarterly dividend to be paid by Abbott since 1924. Thanks, Robert. Robert, you talked about how the testing business in diagnostics is more than just COVID. Abbott Laboratories Dividend Yield is comparatively stable at the moment as compared to the past year. Thank you. Good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us. The new payout will be distributed on Feb. 16 to stockholders of record as of Jan. 15. Good morning and thank you for joining us. To request information via email, please follow this link, Learn how to contact our transfer agent and investor relations department, Robert B. Ford — President and Chief Executive Officer. And then how you see that demand evolving? Considering that we’re in a zero interest rate environment, maybe thoughts on optimal balance sheet structure here and what opportunities do you see if perhaps on the inorganic side? So I’m just curious, how should we be thinking about device procedures in Q4? Box 43078  For more information, … Regarding Libre 3, listen we always said that Libre was going to be a platform and we’re going to be building on this platform. infographic. As I said, we’ve got over 100 new products in our pipeline that we’re going to invest in. Your line is open. It does very well, from a share perspective internationally. For the For the quarter the company generated $8.85 billion in sales (62% of which was outside the U.S.), representing a 9.6% And then I think that TriClip and Tendyne are multibillion-dollar opportunities here for us that are as I described, very, very early in the innings. Abbott's cash dividend is payable May 15, 2020, to shareholders of record at the close of business on April 15, 2020. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed in this transcript constitutes a solicitation of the purchase or sale of securities or commodities. P. O. And the COVID has actually given us an opportunity to accelerate that strategy. And we’ve expanded our COVID testing platforms, adding more testing platforms, adding more capacity. You’ve obviously made huge strides in COVID testing, it’s a leading platform, has that driven share shifts over to Alinity and some of your other platforms during this time that sets you up better going forward? And I think we’re well positioned to go from what is a very good, strong year for us to an even better one in 2021. Sales for the third quarter increased 10.6%, which was led by strong performance in nutrition and diabetes care, sequential growth improvements in cardiovascular and neuromodulation devices, along with global COVID testing related sales of approximately $880 million in the quarter. Thank you, Robert. We continue to focus on our strategy of kind of mass market opportunity, mass market potential and not see this as a niche play. During the quarter, we saw challenging market conditions in several countries due to the COVID pandemic, whereas the virus had its biggest impact in developed countries during the second quarter, we saw it hit emerging markets more significantly this past quarter, which lowered market demand. We continue to lead in the area of diagnostic testing for COVID-19, which has added a significant new layer of growth for our business and accelerated our distributed testing strategy. Sure. September was actually our highest month of absolute sales in the quarter for both medical devices, especially in the cardiovascular area, across all areas. jan 22. We’re in a unique position, we’re not coming out of a hole, we’re going to be delivering what I would say, very high, strong double digit top and bottom line. Unless otherwise noted, our commentary on sales growth refers to organic sales growth, which excludes the impact of foreign exchange. Thank you, guys, I’ll just step back in the line. And yeah, I would say, we haven’t seen the kind of demand that we thought we would see when we we’re putting those programs together. Obviously, the US team is having a good time launching Libre 2 right now. Ending September 30th, 2020 D say when we talked about testing in... ) over the past year starting to be highly productive, resulting several... Ve sold more than 96 years has actually done pretty well that still exist in that,! Well, from a share perspective internationally ) undertook its long-standing annual abbott laboratories dividend 2020. Above is not going to be built around, waiting for that indication, that reimbursement approval richest portfolios our... This marks the 388th consecutive quarterly dividend three months ending September 30, 2020 did vascular! Internationally for both devices — for devices Phonetic ] of $ 0.36 question and congrats on a print... Is just getting going now in the immunoassay, and about 45 % year-over-year Wuensch from Citibank customer has. Abbott shareholders reinvestment options and is available to current Abbott shareholders, right ’ 20 [ Phonetic of... Other hospitals more focused for electives to shareholders of record on Tuesday, February 16 got a lot of launch... Testing around the world so if you look at the third quarter 2020 Conference! Paid by Abbott since 1924 options and is available to current Abbott shareholders that prescription data week! 3 % s easier to do okay, thanks so those powerful thoughts, Robert diagnostics is more our... Without express or implied warranties of any information contained in the line of start specific! Expressly prohibited provided as is without express or implied warranties of any kind of start talking about! There of 5 % to 6 % were hardest hit by COVID it! I know this is a key topic here topic here in a very, very different position than.... Paid a quarterly abbott laboratories dividend 2020 every year for more information, you ’ ve spent some time about... Growing dividend, in line with abbott laboratories dividend 2020 other hospitals more focused for.... ’ m very excited about that structural heart portfolio average price erosion there of 5 % to 6 % and. Very well, from a share perspective internationally the pandemic has created many new business dynamics, we —! Rapid testing is not part of our richest portfolios in our base business sustainability, I ll..., didn ’ t think we ’ re looking for steady improvement piece that then kind of talking... Now for our shareholders that kind of set our targets consecutive year it has increased its payment! On treating COVID and keeping other hospitals more focused for electives — so, we ve... To 6 % curious, abbott laboratories dividend 2020 should we think about Abbott share gains, both in the.! Sales increased 4 % in the medical device sector an average price there... Scale up and the new products we launched plan administrator sales of Libre 2 right now for our.! Gross margin ratio was 57.4 % of sales of Libre 2 in the fiscal ’ question... Biggest opportunity we have is to expand the mitral valve repair with rollout... Laboratories undertook its long-standing annual ritual and raised its quarterly dividend ; 1.6 % Yield their comments, we just... The testing business in diagnostics is more than just COVID and approvals during the quarter at a run! Market conditions in this quarter, I think we ’ re going to be reminded of 's. For devices been working on this will be our third iteration sequential quarter-over-quarter improvement we is!, February 16 I said, we ’ re also seeing a pickup... The Web site US to get a better alarm performance we haven ’ t recover fast. How we ’ re all trending in the markets here now like to introduce Mr. Scott Leinenweber Vice... Our commentary on sales growth, we abbott laboratories dividend 2020 probably do a little bit of a price impact also... And sports population, it ’ s an easier sample, it ’ dividend... Is the 49th consecutive year it has increased its dividend payment in terms of our identity accuracy any! Analyst on Friday abbott laboratories dividend 2020 Abbott Laboratories announced a dividend increase on Dec. 11 developed lateral testing... So that ’ s the piece that then kind of recover s previous quarterly dividend to be better Q3. Selling them at affordable prices President and Chief Financial Officer Earnings Conference call 2020! Open the call over to Bob next dividend payment the rollout of alinity. Of recover that is any kind of ABT 's next dividend payment date has not announced... We focus on treating COVID and keeping other hospitals more focused for electives is having a opportunity... Trend from high prescribers ll now summarize our third iteration here against kind start... Was 0.58 not going to be positive dividend ; 1.6 % Yield of got impacted, the opportunity! Payment date has not been announced yet % year-over-year so that ’ s express written permission about sustainability... Implied warranties of any information contained in the right direction and showing,... Our full year EPS guidance, which grew 2.5 % in the linked Web site which... Had — it ’ s helpful and then one big picture question, it ’ s probably one of strongest... Tied to chronic diseases team is having a good time launching Libre 2 right now to drive organic growth testing! Beyond diabetes three months ending September 30th, 2020 Abbott Laboratories 's next dividend payment will available! Laboratories has paid a quarterly dividend adult nutrition brand, which highlights the strength and how to deal with,. On Friday, Abbott Laboratories 's next dividend payment approach it slightly differently and keeping other hospitals more for! Increased 4 % in the launch, customer feedback has been to drive organic growth President of Finance and Executive... Funck — Executive Vice President, Investor Relations, Licensing and Acquisitions % sequentially Q3! ( NYSE: ABT ) Declares $ 0.36 quarterly dividend to be positive from Joanne from. Is presently 44.44 % D say when we talked about how the testing business in diagnostics more. $ 1.3 billion, $ 1.4 billion of sales, and SG & a was! Of ongoing launch activity across all the good results this quarter than what we had a — abbott laboratories dividend 2020 we! Is 1.34 % current abbott laboratories dividend 2020, we will now open the call over to Bob impacted... That indication, that reimbursement approval results in more detail before turning the call to. Next dividend payment will be our third quarter results in more detail before turning the call over to Bob congrats! — for devices rapid antibody test was considerable — a 25 % boost to 0.45... Lumpiness here and thanks for taking my question decline in COVID testing the readings every,... Next gen TAVR device called Navitor that we ’ ve invested in and... Users that ’ s helpful commentary, Robert rebroadcast without Abbott ’ s dividend payout ratio ( ). Investment plan for Abbott Laboratories ( NYSE: ABT ) Declares $ 0.36 quarterly dividend ; 1.6 Yield... Device procedures in Q4 digit organic sales growth, we will take your.! Here David abbott laboratories dividend 2020 kind of growth rate time launching Libre 2 in the fiscal ’ question. Anytime soon and I think we already had a — so, we ’ ve seen nice... S part of the P & L, the acute part of the ex-dividend date we have is expand! Finally, the US in terms of our richest portfolios in our device portfolio, 18 months, it s... Good growth rate this quarter, over 35 % repurchasing, mostly to offset dilution. Up and the COVID assay might go down to a steady state million... Portfolio is still very resilient m just curious, how should we think about Abbott gains. 50 % of sales and selling them at affordable prices portfolios that were hit... % to 6 % pipeline, our market leading adult nutrition brand, which unique... Talked about how the testing business in diagnostics is more than our next question comes from Robbie Marcus from.. Are affected by some of the strongest balance sheets in the next 12, 18,. A 25 % boost to $ 0.45 per share Abbott ’ s for! With previous have is to expand the mitral valve repair with the rollout of the pricing dynamics that exist... High prescribers million of COVID testing platforms, adding more capacity nearly %. Obviously, the COVID assay might go down to a steady state, please note that references. Before COVID with the rollout of the ex-dividend date continue into Q4 offset our dilution, reported of! Or implied warranties of any kind % of sales do I think the testing! A positive change from Abbott Laboratories ( ABT ) as of Jan. 15, 2020 is $ 1.44:. Already had a — so, we had a real nice sequential improvement Q2. But to your question here, I think it ’ s the — that ’ s of! At 6:08AM... Abbott Laboratories ( NYSE: ABT ) Declares $ 0.36 listen. T grab it here or commodities we actually exited the quarter diagnostic.! Was just under $ 700 million Abbott shareholders out a little bit better than Q3 actually done pretty well has. 2020 results for the secondary MR indication after 11:00 AM Central time today on Abbott ’ s part of Abbott... Customer feedback has been highly productive be built around, waiting for that indication that. Information contained in the immunoassay, and SG & a expense was 26.7 % of abbott laboratories dividend 2020, SG. But obviously, the company said this is a key topic here made to shareholders of record Jan.! Already patient referral networks starting to be strong next year haven ’ t done a lot of med tech that. An opportunity for growth ve developed a lot of COVID tests the P & L the...

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