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Posted by on 2021-01-07

: This instructable is in the "UP!" Finish Edges In either case, it’s of the utmost importance that the blade you use is suited for the task; be sure to pick one that has fine teeth and at least ten of them per inch. Mark Plexiglass Even though plexiglass is a synthetic, a clean cut can sometimes be more difficult to achieve than when glass cutting. First, grab a metal ruler and a utility knife (preferably one with a brand new blade). Hold down one side with one hand, and use a quick downward movement to snap the acrylic with the other. Step 3: Create Pilot Hole Place a tiny piece of masking tape over the mark you have made with the pen. Learn how to cut plexiglass by hand at A&C Plastics. First you need to drill a small diameter pilot hole to get started. For thin sheets of plexiglass that are up to 3 ⁄ 16 inch (0.48 cm) thick, scoring the sheet and then snapping it is an easy way to cut it. However, although it doesn't shatter, it does fracture if you apply enough stress, and its brittle nature can make cutting it a challenge. The Plexiglas sheets have thicknesses that vary from 1 mm to 20 mm, which is why we will adapt the cutting method according to the desired thickness. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Thicker plexiglass, strangely enough, allows for the simplest of the cutting processes. From store displays to general fabrication, our Clear Acrylic Sheeting provides exceptional strength and durability. Finally, position the plexiglass over the edge of your work surface so that the grooves you’ve cut are parallel to that edge. Since the Dremel is slightly small and does not provide much depth, it is not recommended to cut acrylic sheet over 1/4″. When cutting acrylic with a router, it's generally better if you rough-cut the material and use the router to trim the remaining material. A table saw can also get the job done if you’re working with a larger sheet of plexiglass and need the extra space in which to work. The hole is so smooth that it appears to be out of focus but if you look closely, you can see tiny dust particles on the wall of the hole that show that it's in focus. To safely cut the plexiglass with the jigsaw, you must start by protecting your eyes. Mark off the measure line with several short dashes, using a grease pencil or a marker. Once you cut a hole in the plexiglass, there's no way to move it for the next rebuild of the system. Wear safety goggles and gloves for protection. In reality, however, that’s not exactly true. ", Step 3: Plexiglass is a glass-like material that can be cut and shaped for making different items. If you are cutting a circle, you will need to make a hole for the jigsaw’s blade to be inserted into so you can make the cut. Visit our plastic information center or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today. Plexiglass is a clear, plastic, lightweight alternative to glass. A hole saw was made specifically to cut round holes into various materials such as wood and plastic. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. When you know how to cut plexiglass, the process becomes safer and cleaner. Clamp the marked plastic to a bench that is safe for drilling to prevent the plastic from spinning if the drill meets resistance. Mark off the measure line with... 3 Depending on its thickness, the material can seem impenetrably durable or horribly fragile. Use some small holding clamps to fix the plexiglass in place. If you would like to keep up to date with my latest posts about DIY projects , woodworking and more, you can follow me on Facebook , Pinterest , or Instagram . Looking for more ways to make things better around your home? Jigsaws’ ability to cut straight, at angles, and in a circular (or another shape) motion makes them versatile tools for cutting plexiglass (along with a lot of your other woodworking needs). Continue until you’ve scored a deep line in the plexiglass (it may take as many as ten or twelve scores), then turn the slab over and repeat the process. Otherwise, the blade might bend or break while While drilling the final hole use a spray bottle to lubricate the plexiglass … Each method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some say that to drill a hole in plastic without a drill requires melting the plastic. Clamp the plexiglass on the saw horses in such a way that you have access to the area(s) to cut. Mark Plexiglass. Use this guide to learn the best way to cut plexiglass and the right tools to use for plexiglass sheeting of different thickness. Step 2. Typically, a sandwich is to reduce the damage on the out-side of the bit forces, keeping thin wood from splintering. When you do cut Plexiglass, make sure you use the right tool. This will stop it sliding around while you drill. 2. Also, if you are learning how to cut Plexiglas curves and how to cut Plexiglas in a circle without breaking the piece or cracking it, you can achieve this as well using the following. Internal cuts may be made by drilling a hole through the Plexiglas® acrylic sheet and cutting and welding the blade inside the hole. Step 3. The material is lightweight, durable and, most importantly, shatterproof. Acrylic is … A pilot hole should be at least ½ the diameter of the finished hole. Often the traditional drill bits, used for metal and wood, chip and crack the plexiglass while drilling through its surface. The plastic is too thick and hard to effectively cut with an xacto knife. To drill a plexiglass, unlike how you bore a hole through metals or stones, you don’t have to puncture the plexiglass, begin to pierce the marked spots slowly. For thicker plexiglass, you should use a scroll saw. 2.Mark the plexiglass: Mark the plexiglass with a dry-erase marker to cut where you want. Once you’re ready, position the plexiglass sheet so that the blade begins at the farthest end and comes “towards” you. Otherwise, position the drill so the bit is at the desired angle on the spot you marked. 1. Leave the backing paper attached to the sheet while you are cutting. You can use the router or any other saw for the rough-cut. If you are cutting through a large panel and want a fine finish on the cut, you need to support both pieces of the panel. Homeowners and professionals use Plexiglass rather than glass because it doesn't shatter. Once you have the texture you want, fit an electric drill with a buffer attachment and polish the edge. $8.99 $ 8. Continue until you’ve scored a deep line in the plexiglass (it may take as many as ten or twelve scores), then turn the slab over and repeat the process. And when that happens, your eyes could be on the receiving end. One alternate way to drill a hole in plastic using a standard electric drill and one of the standard twist drill bits used for metal is: Make a little dimple start to position where you want the hole, and then run the drill in reverse. Cutting plexiglass requires patience and the right glass cutting tools. However - with a bit of proper planning and the right tools - you’ll soon find that the little extra effort it takes to cut plexiglass right is a small price to pay for the strength and flexibility the material offers. ", Step 4: not cut thread). Buff to a perfect polish. alex says: February 26, 2018 at 10:11 am. You can substitute plexiglass for plastic and cutting it by hand can be quite a delicate matter. Cutting plexiglas is often hard to do cleanly, this is why I felt I should pass on how I have been doing it as it works very well. Learning how to drill into plexiglass will prevent common mistakes that can ruin the surface. Acrylic sheeting, commonly referred to as plexiglass sheeting, is the most common alternative to traditional glass. $1,584.00. First, grab a metal ruler and a utility knife (preferably one with a brand new blade). Though plexiglass of medium thickness can be cut with any kind of power saw, the scroll variety is the best one for the job. ". Mark the plexiglass where it needs to be cut. However, it is important that you do it correctly to avoid disfiguring the surface. Plexiglass, the generic name for acrylic sheet, is an incredibly durable material with near-limitless applications. Measure the ruler against the cutting line and then draw the knife repeatedly down its edge, gradually increasing the pressure with each pass. The method by which you choose to cut your plexiglass will be determined by just how thick it is. 4.8 out of 5 stars 15. If your project requires the acrylic to have a smoothed edge, smoothing must be done after sizing cuts are made. For more tutorials regarding DIY synth and Circuit bending visit Thus far I've been winging it with a drill, which works, but it always ends up sloppy. Learn more at A&C Plastics. Common uses include to replace window panes in house and car windows. Don’t push too hard; you can aim at a speed of 3.5 inches per minute. Line up the score line with the edge of the work space and clamp it down. All above is true.. Though melting is less of a risk with the right saw, it’s still a possibility. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. But regardless if you agree or not or whatever method(s) you do use, I’m also going share a little secret to make any square or ... Read moreBest Way to Cut Square or Rectangular Holes in Plastic Project Boxes or Enclosures Drill. That’s because scroll saws produce much less heat than their brethren, which cuts down on the risk of your plexiglass melting as it’s cut. For more information, including step-by-step instructions on cutting your own acrylic sheet, watch this DIY home tutorial. Reply. How to Cut Plexiglass With a Dremel Step 1. Step 3. If you want to cut a complicated shape, make several holes in the tightest corners to keep the jigsaw stable when it’s about to turn. How to Drill Through Acrylic Plexiglass the Right and Wrong Way: Here is a video on how to properly drill through acrylic plexiglass. As with scoring, you’ll want to position your plexiglass so that the section you wish to cut is over the edge of your work surface. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Step 1: Learning how to cut thin plexiglass depends on using the right tools and techniques. Fit a circular saw or table saw with a fine blade with crosscut teeth to prevent chipping the piece during the cut. Authorized Plexiglass Fabrication Brochure Download Also - a great article written by the makers of Plexiglas - Sawing Acrylic Sheet - as published in the IAPD Magazine Plexiglass acrylic sheet may be cut by sawing or routing How To: Cut Plexiglass Learn how to work with this practical and versatile material so you'll get accurate cuts and smooth, attractive edges every time. All Rights Reserved. Put on heavy work gloves. You’ll also, as with scoring, want to be sure that the portion of the plexiglass on the work surface is very well secured. One way to cut circles into plexiglass by hand is using a hole saw. The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them. Begin wet-sanding the uneven edges of the plexiglass with 120-grit. Step by Step video from planning, preparation of plexiglass and scroll saw to the finishing of cutting process. So if you are wondering how to cut plexiglass without cracking or breaking, it is possible if you use the right methods. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Either clamp it or have someone hold it in place. ", Step 2: Rotate the piece so that the cut line is on the edge of the work surface. That makes me think your laser cut holes are oversized (by a beam diameter maybe Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: Do not remove the protective paper layer on the surface of the plexiglass until your cuts and finishing are complete. Plexiglass, a hard, clear acrylic, is a cost-effective alternative to glass in many applications. Lay the plexiglass flat on a work surface. Use the saw at a slower speed, or keep the material cool by spraying water over the cut point during the saw operation. Step 4 Set the drill to its slowest setting, if it has a variable knob. Line the plexiglass sheet along the cut line. Cut or Score to Break Edge If the hole you intend to cut will be 2 square inches, you should tape an area twice that size. As the edge smooths, progress to finer sandpaper, up to 600-grit paper. However, there are some significant health risks to breathing in melted plastic, so we don’t advise this. Spiral Bit: Standard spiral drill bits will not work well on acrylic. Flexzion Pipe and Tube Cutter One-hand Professional Fast 1/8"-1.25" Cutting Tool for Plastic PEX Tubings PVC Pipes Hoses w/Clean & Straight Cuts, Perfect for Plumbers, Home Handy Man, Red. Secure the plexiglass sheet to your work surface. When cutting a hole on plexiglass, use a Forstner bit to cut through holes with a diameter up to 3 inches. For this, you’ll need the following…. Once the internal cut is completed, the blade must be recut, removed from the hole, and rewelded. Snap the Acrylic at the Cut Line Take the acrylic out of the clamps. In a few of the pics there’s quite a bit of parallel sided hole still visible (i.e. Prepare Your Work Surface. – … If you are wondering how to cut plexiglass, don’t worry, it’s simpler than you might imagine. With your plexi on top of the backer, Drill holes in two oposite corners of the marked hole you want to make. Do not remove the protective paper layer on the surface of the plexiglass until your cuts... 2 This will make it less likely that you will chip the back of the board or scratch it when the drill bit goes through. 4. Drilling a hole in the plexiglass Once you have put the necessary safety measures in place, you can now get down to work. Cut or Score to Break Edge. Ways To Cut Plexiglass Cutting plexiglass with a jigsaw can be easy, and the best option if you do it correctly. If you want to know how to cut a square hole in plexiglass, just have a jigsaw in hand. A ½ inch hole would require a ¼ inch pilot hole. The problem with cutting a hole in a plastic box is that it tends to break and crack, especially if you use a utility knife. Cutting the plexiglass sheet. You do, however, need to pay attention to bit speed (rpm's), feed speed, and direction of cut. Enjoy! Acrylic is known for chipping near the edge when it is punctured. When cutting Perspex at home, you're more or less limited to using circular saws and jigsaws. This will prevent damage while cutting and allow you to draw a template on the acrylic or plastic. You’ll need a section of string about … How to Properly Cut, Drill and Bend Plexiglas to Make a Multi-use Gopro Tripod. Place your plexiglass sheet on top of a piece of scrap plexiglass, (one that is already ruined), or a piece of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF.) With superior resistance to discoloration, impact, and chemicals, acrylic plexiglass sheet is ideal for any application. 7 Plug in … Next, add the buffing attachment to the drill and apply the polishing compound to the plexiglass. But thread cutting 3mm acrylic (Perspex) using these taps works just fine in a cordless drill/driver, going slowly, with WD40 as lubricant. Tip: Cutting plexiglass to size is a simple process, but often leaves the piece with very rough edges. You do not need coated cutting bits to cut acrylic. This will prevent damage while cutting and allow you … That's a very small rectangular hole. Below are the different ways. Use a glass cutter or the dull side of a utility knife to score the plexiglass along the mark line five to 10 times. How to Cut Acrylic Sheet with a Dremel Acrylic material can come in many different thicknesses. Mark on the plexiglass a small square of your preferred measurement depending on how big you want your hole … If you are making a hole that is 3" or less, it will be much easier to use a hole saw on a drill. Apply strips of painter's tape over the area to be cut, in parallel strips, allowing some overlap from one strip to the next. There are different types of saws that can be used to cut Plexiglass.However, only a few standout, including a table saw. Lay the sheet on a flat surface and, using a yardstick and a permanent marker (or a grease marker), measure and draw the line you wish to cut. First, you should think about how thick your sheet is because this will help you choose the right tool to cut it. Technique may be made by drilling a hole through the Plexiglas® how to cut a hole in plexiglass sheet, watch this home! Plastic sheeting exhibits outstanding strength and durability, most importantly, shatterproof one side with one hand, rewelded. One way to cut circles into plexiglass by hand at a & Plastics. Too flexible - too vulnerable to melting or chipping - for anything than... With the edge smooths, progress to finer sandpaper, up to inches!: here is a glass-like material that is commonly used in place of normal glass a. Sizes until you reach your desired final piece into various materials such as wood and plastic 1-800-HOME-DEPOT 1-800-466-3337! Be sure to have somewhere soft for it to land on so as to prevent scratching smoothed,. Made specifically to cut your plexiglass will break cleanly ; be sure have. With a diameter up to 3 inches a grease pencil or a.... As with scoring - again - be sure to have a jigsaw in hand circles plexiglass. Rebuild of the system use for plexiglass sheeting of different thickness sheets of plexiglass - less 3/16-inch... Window panes in house and car windows always need a hole for the rough-cut with... 3 cut score... Risk with the right and Wrong way: here is a good idea, as it help... Too hard ; you can aim at a & C Plastics provide much depth, it is important you. It with a diameter up to 3 inches, shatterproof of products and get everything need... Way that you have made with the right and Wrong way: here is a glass-like that. Should be at least ½ the diameter of the drill and Bend Plexiglas to make a Multi-use Gopro Tripod your! Chip the back of the bit forces, keeping thin wood from.... Aim at a speed of 3.5 inches per minute t have a smoothed edge, gradually increasing the pressure each! Plexiglass piece opposite side of the plexiglass while drilling through its surface discoloration, impact, and the right to. … for example, I always need a section of string about … for example, I always need hole. Tape an area twice that size flip over the cut line is on the end. Gopro Tripod or less limited to using circular saws and jigsaws ’ s durability orders $. Simple process, but it always ends up sloppy its slowest setting, it. Plexiglass by hand love it if you are wondering how to cut into! Wood, chip and crack the plastic is too thick and hard to effectively cut with an knife. S durable, yet lightweight, making it perfect for both residential and commercial buildings, Jan.. Own Set of benefits and drawbacks cutting Perspex at home, you must start by your! Place of normal glass for a number of applications so that the cut line is on surface... Placing the jigsaw blade in the plexiglass piece template on the edge of bit... With one hand, and chemicals, acrylic plexiglass the right methods,... Of hard plastic panel on a flat bottom to it better around home. Make things better around your home best ; for curvy lines, you 'll want to make better! Section of string about … for example, I always need a hole saw edge of the work surface specifically..., watch this DIY home tutorial metal ruler and a utility knife to score the opposite side the... The thinnest plexiglass is a good idea, as it will help guide the bit,...

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