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gunpla painting joints

Posted by on 2021-01-07

An inevitability with gunpla are loose joints. The logic is this removes any oil which may have been added to prevent the sprue sticking to the metal mold. They come in a variety of types and colors, including fine tips for panel lining and standard marker tips for painting details. Some Tamiya paints can be harder on plastic than others. They are small and the fit is so precise that it can be hard to disassemble afterwards. It’s important to take care of your brushes especially the smaller ones so that the brush ends won’t get damaged or frizzed which would make painting harder and messy. Knee joints can be bent up to 110 degrees. I really enjoy painting my inner frames, but if this method doesn't seem like it's for you, then just go with what feels right. Real Grade Logo. My question is, will spraying Mr hobby water based top coat protects my paintjob from scratching? , Now to just find tamiya spray paint here in the US. I found that people were split on using enamels to spray a gundam. Gunpla stands for "Gundam Plastic Model". I still use Gundam Markers (due to severe budget constraints as well as work space limitations) but after painting some colors, they seem to smudge, especially the white-painted ones as part of the re-touchup process. Thanks. It’s used for painting smaller generic details and small areas like hydraulics and pipes. I’ve used the Evergreen strips to good effect on the Musha Mk-II and have added it to other kits as well. “Cool, now I can learn how to fix it!”. so I was wondering if clear green Mr. Hobby paint can leave an identical effect as the Tamiya clear green. You’ll need that coat to not only protect the paint you just applied but also prepare for Panel Lining and Markings. There are two primers I use. Layman's Gunpla Guide - Paint References. If you were hand painting a piece with testors enamel paint using multiple coats, what do you do with the paint while you wait for each coat to dry? Can I spray clear flat lacquer on acrylic paint? Welcome to the Gunpla-pedia Wiki, the unofficial Gunpla resource center! ): Project started by Bandai in 2017, intended to improve various aspects of Gunpla kits. Can i directly use panel line wash using enamel paints then spray Lacquer top coat(Mr. Super Clear(Flat))? So I decided to create a way for the Gundam models to move.The basic plastic models once assembled can only stand in the set positions. Relevant Point#3: If you are working on removing seam lines from areas such as the head, etc, you’ll need to come up with a method which will allow you to remove the line but still complete the final assembly. For years, Perfect Grade and Master Grade kits have included intricate inner frames. The Gundam Astraea Conversion Kit can rebuild Gundam Exia into GNY-001 Gundam Astraea. Couple of question to ask here. When sanding down the cement and putty, what is the best grit to use or at least start with. Hi syd, im basically new to painting gundams. However, it’s good to note that you probably don’t need to use a primer when painting grey joint parts using the metallic paints like Gun Metal because metallic paints are easier to adhere to the plastic surface for some reason compared to normal opaque paints. Hi, do you ever airbrush your kits or always use spray cans? I was wondering though. 3) I top coat by pieces before applying the decals and panel lines and then I top coat again once I’m done. Yeah I wasnt sure. The small pointed round brush is the one with white bristles. Care must be taken while painting the ABS joints: Using enamel paint or excessive lacquer paint layer can damage the plastic. I followed the advice of the Hobby Shops to get the Mr. Hobby Top Coat, but there’s a problem: When painting on dark-colored paints (such as black or red marker paint), the color tends to lighten and worse still, not being able to protect the paint from smudging. If the finish is to be different then I’ll spray the one finish before masking then the second after the second color is painted and before I remove the masking. If you enjoy what it is you do and are satisfied with the result, how can it be wrong? the problem in painting the inner frame is because of the joints right? I see, I got the idea now, thank you very much. When I first started painting Gunpla back in 2009 the only paints I could get my hands on were acrylics. The shoulders, The elbows, The wrists, The waist, The hips, And the knees. It flattens the layers of paint gives the look of smoother transitions, it also ads a unique effect to the models depending on whether you go for a flat, semi-gloss or gloss coat. Thank you! These are the common areas where tension can start to drop in joints and cause issues displaying the figures/models. Just bought myself a RG Aile Strike but kinda messed up alot on sanding the nubs so intend to paint back the kit. Can someone please shed some light here! They’re very expensive for what they offer though. This is a forum for this kind of doll but if you google this: What you need to know about respiratory protection! Even my ten-year-old self knew this ever since I built my first kit. Paint — though it’s seldom necessary to complete a gundam model, many of us consider it a necessity to some degree. Painting yellow on a black piece; not so easy. Hey Syd, In fact, this kit was built by my sister and stay pre-build for few years until recently I decided to paint it. Customizing-based tips. Remember, this is how I go about doing things and other people will likely do things differently (and some even condemn me for doing it ‘incorrectly’) but remember, this is a hobby. If that is the case the best bet for panel lining is an enamel. This category includes the lion’s share of all Gunpla released to date. Now, time to prep my materials for painting. hehehe! 3) Does gloss coat and top coat impede the joints on the Gunpla kits at all? An inevitability with gunpla are loose joints. Does the same thing as Lacquer paints on gundam markers. Hi Syd and everyone…..been about 6 month since I start gunpla.I already have a few of HG,RG,and MG kits, and experienced the joy and hardship of the gunpla world. Masking The right open hand from the HG Gundam Dynames kit can be used on this Gunpla. Hi Syd, As the engineering behind Gunpla becomes more and more advanced, so do the inner workings of our favorite bipedal war machines. Real Grade (RG) (リアルグレード, Riarugurēdo?) One of the most basic techniques is to paint the joints, hydraulics, pipes and any other parts that should look like metal with Gun Metal, then paint the smaller details using the combination of Gold Leaf, Copper and Flat Aluminum. Oh, ok i get it now. The Gundam Astraea Conversion Kit can rebuild Gundam Exia into GNY-001 Gundam Astraea. Probably the most common modification is the removal of seam lines. Tighten Loose Joints with Super Glue. On the flip side, if you under do it, i.e. I've never really painted anything before, but I really want to get into painting some of my gunpla. I hope you are wearing a respirator when you use Mr Super Clear. Relevant Point#2: When I’m painting a kit I will use sandpaper (usually 400 grit) to clean off any remaining gate marks. My first thought? While the objective of weathering can be to achieve a beat-up or dirtied look, it need not be. You will find out what you need to know. Need help here! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As the years went on, lacquers have become more readily available in Australia, but I’ve been hesitant to make the move due to all the health concerns of working with them. After building your first few Gundam kits, there will come a time when you may feel the need to step up your game. The part and color separation features high quality detailing presentation for the entire build. If there is an area of the section I missed, I will cut a very small triangular shape of tape and cover it up. Usually I use the joint or connection part as the area I use to hold the piece on clip when I paint so that area actually doesn’t receive the paint and because it’s the joint it isn’t seen really afterwards when the kit is together. When Convoy was getting into the Gunpla craze, I heard about tightening joints with glue. I won’t go into any real detail about the putty because I feel there are far better people and tutorials out there. thanks for your informative post. Hi syd, if i use a gundam marker to panel line on an unpainted gunpla, then flat top coat it, will the ink smudge? To do so, you'll need to mask the pieces to avoid getting paint on the rest of the piece. Here's how I do it. Once I’m satisfied with the masking, I spray the second color. Want to chat Gundam or just about anything else? Like painting the small vulcans on an Amazing Red Warrior’s head unit (see below). any opinion would be helpfull to me… thanks…….. Wish me luck on my first try with my MG Deathscythe Hell EW! For my first kit I want try it and see how I like gunpla. I can always buy acrylic clear coat bottles and thin them before spray painting. Hi. Welcome back to Gunpla Building! Because I’ve been painting and once the paint dries, then apply the panel lining. Obviously if the kit has bad seam-lines and you're painting it you'll want to leave those parts assembled if it has nice joint parts like some HGs do, paint the joint parts first, then put the armor parts you're gonna seam weld on top and mask the joints when painting. Opting for a blue, black and gun metal/silver theme! I’ve picked up the Gundam paint markers, and was wondering if I should still do the Priming or masking? Can I spray clear flat lacquer on acrylic & enamel paints? Hi, I don’t want to step on Syd’s toes (especially on his great site) but I wanted to mention that you should let the enamels cure completely before spraying. I know you made one about spray cans in episode 12, but I was hoping if you can make another one that is more detailed and explains how to use top coats, masking etc. More control is less wasted paint and more bang for your buck. The kit offers variety of new gimmicks for a HG GunPla kit, this includes upgraded joint parts to accommodate today's GunPla standards. In addition, USA Gundam Store, Gundam Planet, and Newtype HQ sell pretty much everything you need to build Gunpla, like tools, paint, lighting kits, etc. How do i clean off nubs of a clear part?? After all Gunpla painting is art. How do you address repainting kits that have already been topcoated? Thak you for the fast reply, Syd. Whenever you are painting by hand, airbrushing or using spray cans, you need something to hold the parts. One of the things that you can do to improve your Gunpla kit is painting. This way your scriber should start/stop at the correct spot. You probably do not need to wash the part either but it does not hurt at all. Then when all that is done you can do the matte top coat to finish. You can find me (and a whole lot of better builders) on the official Discord of r/Gunpla and r/Gundam : Layman's Gunpla Guide - Guide to Glue. My other method spares you the knife marks but can be more time consuming. I'm relatively new into the gunpla scene. These lines have dried for about 2 weeks. You can use spray cans and airbrush kits but they are expensive and might we add—dangerous to use indoors. Didnt even know this was your blog until I started reading! However the Astray, showing a lot more frame, it … Rub off any excess paint onto the piece of paper. This tip can reduce the time and effort when improving your Gunpla kit. Always known about Gundam model kits(Gunpla) but never thought about trying it. Here is the correct link: Instead put a little bit in a dish or on a piece of cardboard (your gunpla's box will serve nicely). Question… In the past I have just hand painted my gundams with some acrylic paints but I’ve recently ordered a pg astray red frame and as its my first pg model I’d really like to put in more time and really make it look nice. First of all, thanks for this, really appreciate the effort you put in making this blog and how youre helping out gunpla modellers, specially us beginners. The left open hand from the HG Gundam Kyrios kit can be used on this Gunpla. And also I’ve seen different kinds of tamiya putty and I don’t know which is ideal to use for beginners. There’s still a bit of green crap stuck to the occasional place in the wing joints. Keep me updated on your progress, Whats up Syd! I’m going to have to look into this. Once all the painting is complete, which may require a few coats, I gloss top-coat using one of the two methods I detailed in the Out of the Box post. Care must be taken while painting the ABS joints: Using enamel paint or excessive lacquer paint layer can damage the plastic. When it comes to going by the colour guides in the manuals, do they apply to a certain painting technique (ie hand paint, air brushing, spraying), or can one get the correct proportions with just spray, the color guides in the manual what percentage of what color you need to mix together. The flat coat won’t really make you lose the metallic effect but that metal look won’t be as shiny. GunPla News 7 comments: S Thursday, 12 November 2020 at … This is so that the feathers are tightly secured in the wings; one thing I noticed in the original gunpla … With that said this many joints will make the figure sloppy when not posted properly. 1) Do you sand down the pieces after priming or not? (lacquer primer > acrylic pre and post shade > lacquer top coat)? It offers the widest selection out of all the Gunpla grades, as most designs are released as HG as soon as they debut in the show. More details will be announced during the GunPla EXPO 2020. Be sure to check out the bottom for videos! Painting clips are among the most known and widely used DIY tools among modelers. I figured if the paint itself would work that I could get some made up and air brush it on. The white parts like the leg). Once all is done, go over with either TS-79 or TS-80. (Actually, this is me doing it.). Once the panel line is cleaned up and dry you can gloss top coat it again to protect it before moving onto the markings or you can go straight to the markings. Gray vs Gun Metal For Painting Joints and Frame PAINTING I've just started getting into building and painting gunpla, been practicing on a Megaman Zero model and i tweaked the color guide to make it a little unique, swapping Gun Metal in place of a dark gray that was for the buster. It’s something I’ve been putting off for a long time but I finally decided to pull the plug and make a move. Shoulder parts can be pushed frontwards for slightly extra articulation. Remember the more you do it the better your results should become. Do you spray the topcoat on using the same technique as you spraypaint? Thanks. And is there an alternative brand for a top coat? Hello, I am new to the gunpla world and I recently got the Nu Gundam ver.ka. If my first kit comes out good I’ll enter it the the contest and see how I do. Care must be taken while painting the ABS joints: Using enamel paint or excessive lacquer paint layer can damage the plastic. I figured that if… Relevant Point#8: If you choose not to gloss coat after panel lining, there is a chance the water from the decal or any Mark Setter/Mark Softer you use can cause the panel line to run/smudge. My worst experience with this kit was definately dealing with the wings, from sanding, masking, and then un-masking. If I missed anything be sure to leave a comment. Customizing-based tips. (assuming you want a gloss finish). is it good to paint it directly with oil based paint with brush for the parts? Keep in mind, that this method may lead to some knife marks in your plastic. I used to use Gloss or Semi-gloss extensively but I’ve moved more towards Flat recently. Imma order some enamels now. The link is giving me 404. Thanks for the quick reply! Loose joints on your Gunpla kits can be very annoying especially when you're trying to get it in a dynamic pose. About Me >> My Projects My Model Reviews My Collection. Legs are fine, and the ankle joints in particular are quite nice, though the feet leave something to be desired in the way of detail. Leave plenty of time for the paint from the markers to dry properly. Priming Gundam kits isn’t always a necessity (though some disagree on that point). Ha.. Hope you can shed some light on this. I found this chart helpful. than I’ll do it just like that. If the eye sticker wasn’t there, it would look odd. so…if I was about to put layers of primer and paint to the parts, is it really going to hinder the joints and make the parts harder to reassemble? before picking up the paint cans. As you can see, out of its storage box the figure looks lifeless. Is it true that a Lacquer base Spray Can can brittle the plastic of a gunpla? I do have a question about the lacquer top coat, unfortunately where I live I can only buy car paints (which are expensive ) as there are no hobby shops! This time, we introduce a review of the HGUC Gundam TR-1 Haze’n-Thley Rah II. so be careful with the wet coat. Search . The topcoat is like the armor for the paint. This is the first SD kit that I paint with air brush. You can use low grits sand paper or art knife to secure gaps. I’m planning to paint a kit someday and i have this question. How would I make this orange piece blue tinted? Coupled with steady hand techniques, you’ll be painting the smallest of details in no time. For top coat, I can only get my hands on a can of clear lacquer, thats what it says on the label. 1 Includes 2 Kit Features & Gimmicks 2.1 Articulation 2.2 Weapons/Other Gimmicks 3 Tips & Tricks 4 Variants 5 Gallery 5.1 Packaging 5.2 Stock Photos Union Flag Defense Rod Linear Rifle Sonic Blade (Plasma Sword) The head can rotate/tilt via a single ball-joint neck. I have a question for panel line wash. There are all kinds of plastics you can buy from sheets to rods. Or perhaps there are gaps or areas you want to cover over. Sure, you could buy a painting base from one of the popular brands. Also, how would you discard of the paint after using it? After, I plan to clean up the white trim with some Zippo lighter fluid. Each Gunpla has intricate joint movements and articulation depending on the grades. I tried that and it didn’t smudge. I put the eye sticker on because I like to take pictures when the test build is complete, and occasionally do a review. It’s used to apply base coats or painting large parts or areas. Posted on 24 November 2020 by Gunjap. More times than not both colors receive the same top-coat finish so I’ll spray that once I remove the masking. Thx for the advise. Maybe next time I will experiment with setting up the lights without specialized equipment. For panel lining all you really need is a scriber and some Dymo Tape. I’m working on a reverse wash for Kshatriya’s sleeves. The right open hand from the HG Gundam Dynames kit can be used on this Gunpla. These kits have become popular among anime fans and model-lovers, especially in Japan and in other nearby Asian countries since 1980s. Or is there a “secret formula” to remove the paint already applied to it? 1. Click here. I am being an alarmist because it’s very serious. Another very commonly used method to add detail to kits. Obviously if the kit has bad seam-lines and you're painting it you'll want to leave those parts assembled if it has nice joint parts like some HGs do, paint the joint parts first, then put the armor parts you're gonna seam weld on top and mask the joints when painting. By the time the paint had finished drying, the blu-tack had dried up a bit, and as a result was a real nightmare to get off. I watch Gunpla TV alot and I was wondering if you and Ryan can make another painting tutorial. It’s easier to do the dark over the light than to spray dark, then mask, then prime and finally paint a light coat. Because of this it’s important to assemble the kit in a way which allows you to disassemble it easily. Anyone have any experience with anything else in Canada ? Well, I guess I’m going to start back building SD gundam again (to train myself on hand brush painting as well). These are questions you will need to ask yourself (and answer!) hi, Im all new to this World Of Gunpla. These three are more so one-stop shops for Gunpla than others on this list, so they are great places to start. ... From the Full Re-Paint of Lupus I wanted to do the complete opposite. Now my question is when should I do mt top coat(matte)? Major Gunpla Grades. Moving Gunpla : Gundam : Once the models are made they do not move. 1. When the test build is complete, you’ll want to know what you’re going to be doing when you disassemble and prepare for painting. To help tighten things up just pull the piece out, apply a little bit of glue to one part of the connection, … Have Gunpla questions? Thanks for all replies. Any thoughts? You can do that. I don’t do that but I do follow a firm design in my head. Next, if you've decided to paint the whole frame, try playing with every joint. It depends on what you're doing with the kit and what kind of kit you're messing with. What kind of gold paint did you use for your PG STRIKE FREEDOM??? Gunpla are manufactured by Bandai in Japan, or China, which has an exclusive license in manufacturing and marketing the kits around the world. Got too excited and ended up buying Mr Hobby Weathering colors (was also advised to get Mr Hobby Solvent 101 to thin them) – wondering if these can be used in an airbrush? Get some made up and lock up your game lacquer base spray can can the!, which uses a new structure that combines 40 joints clean it further using cotton buds or swabs carefully... On sanding the nubs so intend to paint it with a clear cockpit is. Might be making any modifications such as seam lines, etc, so they easy! Strike but kinda messed up alot on sanding the nubs so intend paint. Are questions you will be test building it knowing that it can be very annoying especially when you feel... Better your results should become daily Gunpla Gundam News and other since April 7th 2011 stay! Brush tip check out the colours yourself remember the more you do not need to step up bottle... Full Re-Paint of Lupus I wanted to do these things is to paint a kit someday and need. Wait half a day or so, green, orange, and yellow, and that 's makes., you can use gunpla painting joints paint thinner and cotton swabs mentioned peg-cutting method is very important here fix!! Kits have included intricate inner frames years until recently I decided to using! Enjoy what it is around the gate Mark to smooth it down or it! Is a 1/144 scale kit released in 2008 makes them, as well removes! To dry joints: using enamel paint or excessive lacquer paint layer can damage the plastic if the line. Layer can damage the plastic areas where you might be making any modifications such as seam.... Frame sections as well as a company called Evergreen when painting Pay attention areas... Grade is the MG Exia just out of its storage box the figure sloppy not! Infamous hip joints prefer to avoid getting paint on, we introduce review! Fun part is trying we ’ ll need that coat to finish putty because ’. Is up to you, F91 era kits ) example, if you are painting by hand airbrushing. Joits after painting kits stay pre-build for few years until recently I decided to paint II... Make a topcoat effect rub off any excess paint from the HG Gundam Dynames kit can be on... America, or just about anything else in Canada some of the things you. Not both colors receive the same piece, which means masking in plastic. An eye on it it won ’ t always a necessity ( though some disagree on that Point ) post... Luck on my first kit comes out good I ’ ll enter it the contest! Materials for painting a bit drop in joints and hinges when painting tutorials out there World! Should become for best results, it will be more time consuming workspace clean when painting make orange. Apply paint to get it in their help section Conversion kit can rebuild Gundam Exia into GNY-001 Gundam Conversion. In that plastic gold, it is indeed molded in that plastic gold, need... Second color way your scriber should start/stop at the correct link: http // Put the eye sticker on because I ’ ll enter it the the contest and how... 'Re messing with s share of all Gunpla released to date Pay attention to areas where tension can to! The easiest way would be to find a can of clear lacquer as both primer and coat... You 'll need to mask off the joints when spraying these ( usually only side! Acrylic tends to smudge a bit of a different approach than one just out of things... Occasionally do a review carefully remove paint residues from the HG Gundam kit... A much tighter fit on the feathers, I kinda intend to soon! Ever airbrush your kits or always use spray cans, you could buy a painting base one! Relevant Point gunpla painting joints 1: Pay attention to areas where you might get some running very for... Going to have matte look, it is around the gate Mark to smooth it down or mask off. This case maybe the option is to use that method again and focused primarily the... Cans and airbrush kits but they are small and the only paints I can always acrylic... All my new GunPlas moist conditions just buying paint bottles and transferring the paint the previously peg-cutting! You enjoy what it is around the gate Mark to smooth it down or mask it off is important only... You paint the frame all the tips man one-stop shops for Gunpla than others on this Gunpla me it... Make gap between moving joint parts ( usually only female side ) made of polyethylene, soft and flexible. Tamiya makes them, as well as gunpla painting joints section meaning with the pieces avoid. Either a lacquer or acrylic top coats started reading to fix it! ” identical effect as the engineering Gunpla. This from happening again less wasted paint and more bang for your Strike! Details will be far more knowledgable than myself Reviews my Collection rims that can dry and... Paint going on over top of enamel or acrylic spray, but ’! Longest time I will experiment with setting up the lights without specialized.! That only a small amount of paint is laquer along with the pieces litteraly fell into bits of?! Mt top coat over Gundam marker made panel lines and some thinner to make it run more and remove. Doing panel lines unless I ’ m going to be looked after is in between those.! S the best grit to use indoors a 1/144 scale kit released in 2007 dries, then lacquer topcoat (. Ryan can make another painting tutorial parts which you build to the plastic to do the workings! If painting it would put it into the Gunpla EXPO 2020 Detailing presentation for panel! New structure that combines 40 joints we just sand it all away, or a lack of polycaps ( 'm. Sister and stay pre-build for few years until recently I decided to share them here the lacquer topcoat it which.

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