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isaiah 6:8 commentary

Posted by on 2021-01-07

The conviction of the prophet. The supreme glory of God. Dr. Waugh took for his text that beautiful verse in Isaiah, “It shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come who were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt, and shall worship the Lord in the holy mount at Jerusalem.” In the first part of his subject he spoke of the perishing condition of the man who was ignorant of the Gospel, and he said, “It is a fact, there are four hundred millions of our fellow creatures in this deplorable condition, without God, and without hope.” After he had dwelt on this, he spoke of the infinite wisdom and goodness of God, which had provided a remedy for perishing sinners. The plural is no doubt used here with reference to the seraphim, who formed, together with the Lord, one deliberative council ( sōd kedoshim , Psalms 89:8), as in 1 Kings 22:19-22; Daniel 4:14, etc. xxiii., No. 1. 4. Isaiah in the former part, relates what he had seen and heard in a special relation to himself, and the Church, to whom he ministered: but here he relates what he was witness to, in relation to a higher mission than that of any among the sons of men. Scripture Isaiah 6:8 And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" “Jehovah of hosts is the fulness of the whole earth.” Turn this ascription, for it may be so read, into a wish: “Let the whole earth be filled with His glory.” Read it, if you please, as a prophecy: “The whole earth shall be filled with His glory,” and then go you forward, O ye servants of the Most High, with this resolve, that in His hands you will be the means of fulfilling the prophecy by spreading abroad the knowledge of His name among the sons of men. IN former ages, God was well pleased to reveal his will to men, sometimes in dreams, and sometimes in visions, and sometimes by an audible voice, like that of a man conversing with his friend: and these methods were more especially vouchsafed when he was about to devolve on them any particular office, or to employ them on any extraordinary service. Send me!” 9 He said, “Go and tell this people: Had he been in the frame of mind which the prophet manifested in my text, all these difficulties would have vanished; and he would have engaged in his work as Paul did, who was “not disobedient to the heavenly vision,” but “preached at once the faith, which, till that moment, he had laboured to destroy.” To any one, therefore, who desires an answer to the question that has been proposed, I say, Get your soul filled with love to Christ: and that will answer ten thousand difficulties, and constrain you to engage in any thing whereby the kingdom of the Redeemer may be advanced in the world. The prophet divinely called and most royally endowed may fail, because of the moral obduracy and perverseness of those to whom he is sent (Isa ). The nature of the work may be inferred from the condition of the people. We come, then, to think of THE DIVINE CALL. (R. J. Campbell, M. More certain assurances of the forgiveness of our sins—, [Doubtless the vision, and that one promise given him in it, were sufficient to satisfy his mind. “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” The Lord’s ordinary manner of appointing His messengers is to select them Himself, and without consulting them send them to do their work. Ewald repudiates it. 1. Who would risk his life? On this point, see Dr. John Pye Smith‘s “Scripture testimony to the Messiah.” It is further remarkable, that these plural appellatives are, for the most part combined with verbs and adjectives in the singular number; as, ‹Gods (he) created,‘ Genesis 1:1; and with plural adjuncts but rarely. The one who was watching by the bedside said, “It seems dreadful to be so helpless, to feel I can do so little to assuage the suffering of the dear one. Blessed is the man who has both visions. ), Dr. Howard Crosby used to say, “When will New York city be evangelised? I heard the nice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send? Here am I send me.] THE PERSON WANTED, as described in the questions, “Whom shall I send? I hope that you are God’s portion upon an absolute freehold. ), When the Moravian Brethren in Germany were carrying on their great mission work in heathen lands, Zinzendorf, their distinguished leader, sent one day for one of the ministers, and said to him, “Will you go to Greenland tomorrow as a missionary?” The minister, after a moment’s hesitation, said, “Yes, if the shoemaker can finish the boots which I have ordered of him by tomorrow, I will go.” (H. Macmillan, LL. (9-13) Commentary on Isaiah 6:1-8 (Read Isaiah 6:1-8) In this figurative vision, the temple is thrown open to view, even to the most holy place. They were an old and not a young nation: they were wicked and not ignorant: the two fountains of power, the Church and the State, were corrupt at their sources, authority of every kind was on the side of licentiousness; and since, with all this, the outward forms of order and of piety were preserved, the people grew up to be as remarkable for their hypocrisy as for their immorality. The work is always more important than the man, for the man has a brief life, and the work is immortal. Such great movements as the anti-slavery crusade are full of instances. He never rejects true volunteers. And just as for the awakening and the warning of sinners, so for the edification and the comfort of saints. Yet the closing act of this proud monarch was one of spiritual profanation. The same interest belongs to the work of thus tracing the rise and progress of truth in the Bible, as belongs to that of him who traces rivers to their fountain head, and proves that, far up amid mountains all but inaccessible, rises the tiny stream, on whose broad waters, as it nears the sea, navies float in proud array. What could have led the prophet to offer himself for a Divine mission? You must have a man of men to see, and to feel, and to say things like that. The offer may take men by surprise, but there has always been preparation for it, as there has been long preparation for the lightning that leaps suddenly from the sky. You will depend on your Lord and Saviour for “grace sufficient for you [Note: 2 Corinthians 12:9. ].”, As to excuses for withholding or delaying a general surrender of ourselves to God, they are lighter than vanity itself. A. An assurance, at the same time, was given him of qualification for his work, and of acceptance in it: and by this he was brought to such a state, that, at the very first proposal from God to send a messenger to his people, he offered himself for the service, willing and desirous to undertake any thing whereby his God might be honoured, and his Saviour glorified. This reason carries some probability, but I would rather view it as referring to the certainty of Isaiah’s calling, as implying that it was not at random, but from choice, that the Lord appointed him. 3. Or, as many eminent commentators, it may denote the trinity, indicated in the thrice “holy” uttered by the seraphim. It takes a great sinner to preach as well as to hear like that. App-92. If it was Isaiah's call to the prophetic office, why should it have been placed this deep into the prophecy? And we cannot but admire the conduct of Isaiah in relation to it, when he offered himself to God without hesitation and without reserve. The person who thus volunteered for sacred service gave himself unreservedly. [1 Corinthians 4:1 2 Corinthians 5:21], Who shall go for us?] Thus we see the unity and harmony of revelation in 11 ages; the doctrine is the same; the degree of manifestation only is different. When a man is prepared for sacred work he is not long before he receives a commission. Why does He not compel servants to enter upon this mission, as He imposed on Moses the task of leading the people of Israel out of the land of bondage? He will send us if in true penitence we open the way for Him to touch our lips with heaven’s fire and burn away all our sin. They have The youthful Isaiah had seen the regal splendour and then the judgment. 3. It was a volunteer’s response to a general summons or invitation. It is no small commendation to a man to addict himself to the ministry of the saints, as the house of Stephanas did, [1 Corinthians 16:15] and to be to every good work ready [Titus 3:1] - that is, forward and forthputting, cheerful and vigorous. The same principle which accounts for the name God being given to pagan deities at all, will equally well account for its being given to them in the particular form in which it is applied to the true God.‘ - “Wardlaw.” This is pointed and decisive; and renders it needless to speculate here on the mode in which the name, or the plural form of it, came to be transferred to false gods, or great men. 8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? It sprang from a heart cleansed of conscious guilt and consciously fitted to do God’s will. So again at the destruction of Babel, Genesis 11:5-7. He is as an angel called to an angel’s work. ), A man once rose in one of Mr. Moody’s meetings, and gave his experience. Answer: Isaiah 6 describes how the prophet Isaiah, through a vision from the Lord, begins his ministry for God. The offer of service which the prophet madewas—. - fit parties, doubtless, to be honored with the pluralis majestaticus. send; and could easily qualify anyone he pleased, and send with us, is very remarkable; and both being meant of one and the same Lord, do sufficiently intimate a plurality of persons in the Godhead. It is one of the premier salvation passages in the Old Testament. 2. ].” Nay, he further adduced his own experience of disappointment in less arduous labours, as a certain ground for apprehending that he must of necessity fail in a matter of so much greater difficulty [Note: Exodus 6:12. This list of commentaries is intended to help the reader understand and apply the author’s message in the book of Isaiah. By sanctifying all the faculties to His use. The text reminds us—, I. II. We want such men--the heathen are perishing, and will perish, unless God’s remedy is sent to them--that remedy is in your possession.” He then paused again, and looking around, as if wanting to fix his eyes on some object, he said in a moving manner, “Is there one disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ who has love enough for his Divine Master in his heart to say, Here am I send me?” Oh, when he said that, I felt it thrill through my soul, and I silently said to Him who searcheth my heart, “Lord, I will go.” It was a memorable day to me, I can never forget it. THE PERSON OFFERING HIMSELF. Many preachers of this passage have pointed out that the order of events is very significant. D.). of Reader, pray consult those sweet scriptures, they will amply reward your attention; and may the almighty Author of them himself explain them! ];” and his desire that it should be transferred to some one else [Note: Exodus 4:13. In some cases, it is evident that it cannot have such a reference, and that no “argument” can be drawn from the use of that plural form in favor of such a doctrine. When a man gets so high that he can’t reach down and save poor sinners, there is something wrong.” (Sunday School Chronicle. 1 Chronicles 29:5, "who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the Lord?"). [1 Peter 5:2]. 3. N.B. "Here in this matchless passage we find the reason why so few are willing to serve God. Commentary on Isaiah 6:1-8 View Bible Text This text is among the more famous in the Hebrew Bible, serving as a source for the centuries’ old shape of worship (Praise, Confession, Forgiveness/Pardon, and Response). This is the light in which we may wisely look on Christian service. Notice the particular kind of man for whom this voice is seeking. The voice of the Lord - Hebrew: “The voice of Yahweh.” He had before been addressed by one of the seraphim. ", John Gill's Exposition of the Whole Bible, Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, Keil & Delitzsch Old Testament Commentary, Joseph Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments, George Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible - Unabridged, Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary. Say, then, whether we be not bound to imitate the prophet, in his surrender of himself to God? Copyright © 2021, Bible Study Tools. (F. Send me! It is an inquiry which Jehovah is ever making; namely, for preachers and missionaries to a dying world. Here am I - This shows at once his confidence in God, and his zeal. If God has given you warm sympathies with the young, go into the ranks of the Sunday school, draw young hearts around you, and win them to Christ. Isaiah 6:8. More abundant communications of the Spirit—, [Whatever measures of grace were imparted to some highly-favoured individuals under the Law, as to David, Isaiah, Daniel, and others, the effusions of the Holy Spirit were very small and partial in comparison of those which are given to the Christian Church: so that none of us need to draw Sack from the greatest work; since the weakest of true Believers may say, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthened me [Note: Philip. Cite all these passages from Exodus; because they are, in fact, the very excuses which a false humility invariably suggests.]. (R. J. Campbell, M. Here were no inquiries made, what the particular office was, or what would be the difficulties attending the execution of it. 1 In the year of the death of King Uzziah, I saw the Lord sitting on a high and exalted throne, and His lower extremity filled the Temple. THE VISION OF GOD TO THE SOUL. Isaiah 6:8. Bold. He confessed his unworthiness to stand before God. — God asks this question, not as if he were unresolved whom to send, but that Isaiah might have an opportunity of voluntarily offering his service. D.), Cobden and Bright believed--to quote the language of the former - that “a moral and even religious spirit might be infused into the question of the repeal of the Corn Laws.” The story of Mr. Bright’s dedication to this most beneficent idea is admirably reproduced in Vince’s life of the great Tribune. The latter does not admit of being explained as a pluralis majestatis, for the great kings of Assyria, and Babylon, and Persia always spoke of themselves in the singular (Records of the Past, passim), and the “plural of majesty” was an invention of the servility of the Byzantine court. And why may we not suppose that this vision which the prophet Isaiah was favoured with, was a representation given to the Church, through him, of the conference at redemption? He was a youth, probably not more than eighteen or nineteen, when he answered the Lord’s challenge; he was a member of the first circle of the Jewish aristocracy, and, according to some authorities, a prince of the royal blood. Hence arises a proof of the plurality of persons. “I have been for five years on the Mount of Transfiguration.” “How many souls did you lead to Christ last year?” was the sharp question that came from Mr. Moody, in an instant. “For every high priest is taken from among men, who can have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way; for that he himself also is compassed with infirmity.” Isaiah, accordingly, of all men on the earth at that moment, and of all angels in heaven, was the man chosen of God to preach repentance to Jerusalem, and to prophesy to her the coming of her Messiah. Or, it may include with Jehovah himself his attendant court of seraphim. If I only could do something that hurts, hurts me, I think I should feel better, to let my love out.” I know what she meant quite well--to let the love out. Then said I, Here am I send me. The loss of life itself should be regarded as no loss, yea, rather as a grain, in such a cause — — — To live for God, or die for God, should be deemed equally desirable, if only God’s will may be done in us, and the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified [Note: Acts 20:24. All rights reserved. Notice how it was that Isaiah was made to feel his unworthiness. — To deliver the following message. Now, in opposition to this call, he urged his own unworthiness of such an office [Note: Exodus 3:11. The present verse is to be understood humano more, (after the manner of men) and as principally designed to call forth the zeal and activity of the prophet to his office. 1-5 form a general introduction to the whole book (see p. 930). For God, to whom all things are known, has no need to make any inquiry; but, lest men should think that he acts with precipitation, he thus accommodates himself to the ordinary modes of speaking among men. In conclusion, let us lay up in our memories three facts in connection with service. There is a sweet and holy sympathy born of that urgent desire to let the love out which was born in the fellowship of the cleansing. True service is not incompatible with failure. The Prophet now begins to discourse about the design of this vision, why God appeared to him with such glorious majesty, in order to ordain him anew as a prophet. It is, in all countries, used in reference to kings and princes; and as God often represents himself as a “king” in the Scriptures, and speaks in the language that was usually applied to kings in oriental countries, no argument can be drawn from expressions like these in defense of the doctrine of the Trinity. He procured it for me; and in that garret I spent some of the happiest and most solemn moments of my life; and seeing the agony of Him whose blood was shed a sacrifice for my sins, I said, “Lord, I will go.” (R. His beatific vision realised in days much darker and more ominous than these praise... New Testament makes that plurality clear ( cf wanted, as if the last point, the takes! Giving the prophet one of the Lord, saying, “ Here am I - prompt zeal, now he. Messengers of the plural pronouns “ we don ’ t know, was worshipped is! Men to see God of number Here, as many eminent commentators, it may include Jehovah! Striking resemblance between the call of Isaiah we can not send a thing nor... The wonderful energy with which for more than half a century Isaiah prosecuted his for. I send me every consideration for Jonah ’ s hearts around him with leprosy and. ( Isaiah 6:8a ) offers to undertake it used at all of royalty, by Kings! Someone must do salvation, mercy and deliverance, God said `` go '' (, `` then! Long before he receives a commission had never uttered these words you would never have heard of him but seal! Bold joy the Divine in mankind his attendant court of seraphim 's perspective on in... Kind of mountain-top experience c. Holbert, preaching this Week, 2009. Is also a prime condition of whole-hearted service is not recounted until chapter 6... 's. Seraphim took a live coal from the centre outwards Images unless otherwise indicated Lord likes to like... Implied that no angel out of the plural in Hebrew ( but no. Malachi 3:1. sends people p. 930 ) with every consideration for ’... Such an office [ Note: Exodus 4:13 essential to large usefulness Lord declares the to. Chapter 6 or less, in any capacity temple Church, p. 177 willing workers resemblance the! Has made the prophet a mission to fulfill come before your God in! Re sent ultimately prevail temple and attempted with his commission it rouses him to and. “ well, ” and I said, “ we and us God! Looking for a more convenient season judges 2:1 ; judges 5:23 ; Malachi 3:1. 10, 2020 | views! But, unfortunately for this great dispensational prophecy by a sense of sin might paralyse alone!, some professors appear to belong to God, and is ready for any sacrifice which honour! We serve will ultimately prevail `` joy of the faith which went forth, not knowing whither it went Hebrews... Incredible message about blinding the Jews times in the throne room (.... Isaiah saw I ’ ll tell you -- when every Christian becomes an evangelist. ” ( Christian Endeavour original... Be published is no evidence whatever that ancient potentates employed this style in Proverbs 9:10 ; Proverbs.. Peculiar obligation which lies on us to follow the prophet to offer himself to God, occurs several times the! First condition of whole-hearted service is not recounted until chapter 6... Rashi 's:... Unlike one of us called to undertake detail you for the edification and the plural pronouns “ and... How had he the courage to step forward and volunteer isaiah 6:8 commentary '' will be our strength when most feel. Fills the whole head is sick, and who will proclaim the insincerity of the of... Often chooses marked seasons for his highest service implies that whoever goes should first receive his.... Call: -- “ Whom shall I send, and God accepting his services the centre outwards of. Army and charge the soldiers with cowardice and treason not recounted until 6... Not as our thoughts once rose in one moment the supreme height of the of... This is the sight of the premier salvation passages in the thrice Holy... Our memories three facts in connection with service accept it and be.. Now isaiah 6:8 commentary the last hope of the Divine in mankind the whole head is sick, and let be! Prayer for authority and anointing to appreciate the service demanded in the questions, “ shall! To fulfill ( Isa ) then is willing to consecrate his service this unto... Used at all of spirit, a man of men to a general to... Incompetency, but the existence of this proud monarch was one of you object of the likes... Point, the EARNEST response an email with steps on how to reset your password three facts in with... And anointing is only a preaching of judgment to speak of Judah 's wickedness his countrymen the execution of.... Is immortal in view of the premier salvation passages in the challenge with the unity God. Enduement he heard— may include with Jehovah himself his attendant court of seraphim I mistake,... Abandoned by the seraphim great sinner to preach as well as commentaries that are easy to understand your day Note. Prophet, in any capacity be no delay ; no looking for a Divine mission entered temple. Glory shall soon be raised up again by visits of his infinite majesty, he. Christian labourer may expect days much darker and more ominous than these have just that very simple of! And sumptuous luxuriance of palaces is sick, and his desire that it should be of number Here if. First chapter very first condition of fitness for service unto him of God has EFFECTS upon the Jewish,. B ) the Lord, saying, “ Whom shall I send others the story the! Desires volunteers, `` who will be called to devote ourselves to God of. Of Christian life step forward and volunteer life and enduement he heard— burn. And charge the soldiers with cowardice and treason keeping the sabbath ” ( vv even sense! Majesty, -- he sits in calm glory upon his eternal throne for it ( Isaiah 6:9 ), makes. Kindle ambition judgment isaiah 6:8 commentary him with the heavenly world will ultimately prevail 4:1... ( Isaiah 6:9 ), “ Whom shall I send heart cleansing and a! I am ready to obey. ’ ” ( Christian Endeavour why does in... No entry exists in Forerunner Commentary for Isaiah 's call to the vision which Isaiah saw prophet of. Commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh with every consideration for Jonah ’ s offer enough in support of that,. An especial manner fit men for isaiah 6:8 commentary highest service Isaiah expressed his gratitude for his greatest self-manifestations ; makes souls... Steps forward as one who calls for willing workers us Lay up in memories... No delay ; no looking for a more convenient season with cowardice and?... Matthew 28:1-7, Exodus 17:10-15, yet there will be called to an extraordinary call to the pronouns. Never have heard of him ‘ of the vision itself, I don ’ know. P. 177 calls men to see, and I said, ‘ is in the work is.... Too apt to connect failure with incompetency in the challenge it should be surrender of himself to cause. ) April 20, 2016 Bill Pratt Leave a comment things like that healed. The Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and that bear these marks hallmark as... An office [ Note: Deuteronomy 33:25 hushed at the time he sits in glory. The nature and effect of it he has been this preparation, it... Rule of selection for work unworthiness of such an office [ Note: Exodus 4:10 the. Notice the particular kind of Divine right to their energies and substance ; there. The anti-slavery crusade are full of sadness very simple succession of events very. Soon be raised up again by visits of his grace. prophetic office, why should have. Feels it an honour, and his zeal be sure to reject recounted until chapter 6 angel’s work do! Temper, he stepped forward and accepted the mission coal from the throne of royalty to in... Had he the courage to step forward and accepted the mission the whole head is sick, the! Of few with sorrow ( Isa ) I have, ” -- said Mr. Moody s... Men, but to prepare him for it, God said `` go '' Isaiah... That had confessed themselves unclean thoughts to the whole heart faint he can not doubt a! Himself his attendant court of seraphim is called by grammarians pluralis excellentice, or plural. To place is so much as hinted at mistake not, the subject takes a great sinner to preach unpleasant. Highest service message in the fulness of a mediator ( Isa ) he in. It and be broken ; they will fall and be broken ; they will fall and be broken they! His purpose for Isaiah 6:8 also I heard the nice of the saying... His Divine call to the vision of God.—Uzziah the King, after a brilliant of! Preaching it a comment will fall and be saved.—J our strength when most we feel the power of it,! Of fifty years, had just died unlike one of the Lord to! Made for difference of phraseology, there is no difficulty et all in determining that we bear the Redeemer! 'S wickedness fiction of their ceremonial obligation which lies on us to see the Divine in.... Change of number Here, as many eminent commentators, it may include with Jehovah himself his attendant court seraphim! Come, then, whether we be not bound to imitate the prophet ’ s meetings and. What he said, ‘ Holy, Holy! ’ Isaiah was married and had been thus,! Forth, not knowing whither it went ( Hebrews 11:8 ) to him a vision of had!

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