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where in europe is it warm in february

Posted by on 2021-01-07

Bermuda It's the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. Netherlands >>>Rome prices and travel tips. But otherwise, it offers great weather all winter long. The key attraction of Malaga is that it has probably the best winter weather on continental Europe, so those not willing or able to take the extra two hours flying down to the Canary Islands will enjoy it here. Use it to organise places to visit, plan your route. Grab this FREE road trip planner and keep all your ideas in one easy place! Aside from Iceland, you can do similar things in northern Sweden, Norway, and even Finland. Maldives visiting the many archeological sites – Su Nuraxi of Barumini is the most obvious that comes to mind, but Tharros on the west coast is another must-see; going wine and food tasting – Sardinia is famous for its fantastic wines; visiting the beautiful cities such as Cagliari, Alghero, Bosa and even Nuoro, where you’ll find an interesting ethnographic museum, perfect to learn more about the history and culture of the island. Hi Amanda, While all the main cities in Crete are wonderful in winter, I do think there’s an extra bit of magic to visiting Rethymnon off-season. Some of the best things to do in Lanzarote are: Recommended by Dominika from Sunday in Wonderland. Virgin Islands, U.s. Grand Cayman And the museums and nightlife are all indoors, so you won't need too many clear days to enjoy it. Tenerife, in particular, is a good choice, and while the temperature may not reach the dizzy heights that it does in the summer months, 17 degrees … Switzerland >>>Lisbon prices and travel tips. Japan Saint Barthélemy Bonaire, There aren’t many European hot spots in February, but Spain’s most southerly province is a decent bet. Nairobi Antigua and Barbuda Or will it be a cosy and unique experience for the beginning of our life together. Some of the medieval warehouses have been turned into fantastic art exhibition spaces, and there’s also an ancient mosque to explore on the harbour. Budapest is probably the least vegetarian friendly of the three but that’s only really because Prague is actually in the top five cities for vegan restaurants per capita in the world. In winter I’m a fan of visiting large cities that have good public transportation, so those three would make an excellent combination. February is obviously one of the colder months in Europe so it's not among the best months for a visit. It’s never too cold for a scoop of Sicilian gelato, and there are plenty of parlours to try. Visiting it in winter gives you perfect opportunities to enjoy all of its other attractions. Nepal Both of those are amazing when the weather at high elevations is clear, and almost pointless when it's foggy or raining. Lima In February, it's chilly and so there are very few tourists to compete with at the top attractions. London is one of a few European cities that often feels like a victim of its own popularity. One of my favourite places to escape the cold in Europe is Crete. I have a list of Caribbean destinations from cheapest to most expensive, and at the top I list the islands to avoid this coming season. Not only is the city itself really lovely, but it's also a 20-minute train ride to Cannes in one direction and to Monaco in the other. Zurich -Roger. Nha Trang, Taipei Finland Nice, Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The temperatures in winter can fall below 12C, however, that’s still warm compared to most places in Europe. If you fancy sunbathing, some of the best beaches in Lanzarote are: During the whole European wintertime, you can expect daytime temperatures around 70°F / 21°C. Albufeira is located in the beautiful Algarve region in southern Portugal and is a wonderful destination to get some much needed sunshine during Europe’s cold winter months. St. Lucia But as we move southward, the climate warms up and allows countless activities to take place. February is carnival time in Venice, which makes it either the very best time to come, or the worst. I am going to meet her in Israel first (she is finishing a college trip) then we will travel together. Let me know if you have any other questions. Vienna is similarly vegetarian friendly. Seoul Sharm el-Sheikh While Lisbon is on the waterfront, it's mainly an indoor city in terms of attractions. Hanoi, Mendoza Interlaken, La Romana, Does it snow in Spain? Granada (Spain), Sorrento, Almost everyone you encounter in Berlin will speak English and it’s almost the same for Prague. -Roger. This is a wonderful city that too often gets overlooked by those touring the continent because it's remote and not easy to reach. It's easy to get to from most places in Europe and the flights are relatively inexpensive, especially around winter. >>>Check hotel deals for Malaga This is the ideal weather for a wellness holiday too, where you can get active without the summer heat and enjoy crowd-free bliss (think long … Santorini Rio de Janeiro, They help you to quickly scan through temperature information for a selection of places with hot February climates in Europe, Caribbean, Mexico and southern United States. Cyprus is a great destination to visit in wintertime for sunshine, and many of the coastal towns such as Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos are lively year-round thanks to the local population. Krakow, Still, the weather is mild enough that it's enjoyable, and since it's a fairly large city it is still very full of life even when most other tourists are gone. >>>Check hotel deals for Interlaken Kyoto, Berlin, Sapa, Austria San Juan There you’ll find all types of rides: gentle, thrill rides, lazy rivers, even rides suitable for toddlers. The weather can be unpredictable in February so you have to time your visits carefully and only after you arrive. Abu Dhabi, It's the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. South Korea Mykonos, Macao >>>Nice prices and travel tips. Marrakech Head there at the end of February and 20C days are possible. Chania is a gorgeous old town in the west of Crete, the largest island in Greece and one of the most beautiful in the country. During the warm months, most people who visit Athens are on their way to or from one of the famous islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, or Rhodes. Pokhara These posts might help: See all our Europe Destination idea posts. You’ll also find many sandy beaches on the island with stunning ocean views and cliff scenery. Miami Beach, Pretty much everything we wrote about Rome above also applies to Florence this time of year. Climate in Sweden in february Climate in Stockholm in february. If you are strict you’ll want to search for restaurants that cater to the vegetarian crowds. Here are 11 cities that promise to be the warmest places in Europe for winter travellers. Santiago, If you are considering a trip to Barcelona you should also include at least 3 nights in Madrid as well. This Red Sea resort isn't really warm enough for much sunbathing this time of year, but still the weather is warm, dry, and pleasant, which is more than you can say about any area of Europe in February. Hue, Quito Holidays in february: where to go according to your preferences? To help, we've put together 11 of the warmest places in Europe in February to help you plan some escapes to the sunshine! Needless to say, you'll want to check the most current information for any destination before you book. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, you could also drive up the mountains of Cyprus or visit the capital Nicosia which is split into two parts between the Republic of Cyprus and the unrecognized government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It just happens to be the island’s largest peak. As you probably know, the Northern Lights are best viewed (or often only viewed) in extreme northern places. Mumbai However, temperatures cool from November and start to rise again in March. Click here to see our Privacy and Disclosure Policy. Norway France 3. Warsaw You'll be able to afford a nice hotel in a neighborhood that might feel out of your grasp if you came in summer and had to pay double. Hence, one of the best things to do on the island is to go take a hike at the Teide National Park. Guatemala If you’re looking to spend your birthday in Europe, I would suggest Sicily (Italy) or Corsica (France). Even though it’s not as popular as some of the other islands in the Mediterranean, it still gets busy in the summer months when population numbers swell. India Budapest Faro, Head to one of Europe's most glistening beach locations, the Algarve, which provides mild February temperatures of 17 degrees. The island of Tenerife is known for its dormant volcano called Mount Teide. Ireland If for no other reason, this is a perfect excuse to visit Malta in February and enjoy those locations without the crowds! And it’s the perfect way to explore Crete’s famous archaeology sites that are brutal to see in the heat of summer. Daytime temperatures range between 11 and 16 degrees Centigrade on the coast around Chania – very mild for Europe, even though the locals complain! There are loads of boat trips and that sort of thing you can book there, and not many interesting places to drive to. -Roger, We are headed to Tennerife in February (16-23) , as my husband is doing an organized bicycle tour of day trips centered from Los Cristanos. Galway Rotorua, Anguilla Looking for the warmest places in Europe in February? Montevideo, Both are very worthwhile, but both also have extremely high hotel rates so doing them by day trip from Nice is ideal. Want to save this post for later? 3. Famara beach with high cliffs (especially at sunset). ... Let's take a look at where you could escape to next February - without a brolly or coat in sight. Ocho Rios Those are good suggestions. That said, if your choices are coming to Europe in February or not coming at all, you'll still have a great time if you choose among the cities below. The Best Places to Travel in February: Europe Edition. Would you still recommend London-Paris? But October is still reasonably warm, and you can expect the water temperature to be up to 23 degrees making Tenerife one of the top warm places in Europe in October. >>>Check hotel deals for Barcelona Tallinn That part of Europe is famous for its meat consumption and even vegetable dishes in most restaurants will probably have some animal fat in them. Saint Petersburg My husband will be speaking in Copenhagen in February, so we must end our trip in Copenhagen. Rome, Florence, and Venice are the Big 3 of Italy and they are all very worthwhile. Follow our January guide to Europe to know how the city of your preference is in the first month of the year. Spain Anguilla Grenada On account of this, the area is fantastic for sunbathing and other outdoor engagements in the otherwise wintry February. Ibiza, Puerto Plata, >>>Athens prices and travel tips. Bariloche, In february, the mean temperature in Stockholm is 32°F (maximum temperature is 34°F and minimum temperature is 31°F). Let me know if you have any other questions. Even though it's on the Mediterranean coast, Nice isn't a slam-dunk recommendation for a February visit. And Lisbon along with the Algarve is almost as warm that time of year. It's better to focus on cities with mostly indoor attractions this time of year, and the cities below are all fantastic for that. Tenerife- perfect winter sun in Europe destination. Roatán Island Will it too gloomy and most things closed? Aruba Slovakia Head there at the end of February and 20C days are possible. And you’ll find Indian restaurants in all of those cities as well. And February brings the fun with the Buffalo Big Board Surfing … Those towns can be ghost-town-like in winter, so staying in Malaga proper is probably the better idea. Also we are vegetarians.. Bulgaria Want to combine a trip somewhere warm with somewhere cold? Samaná Grand Bahama, Sadly, many of these places are not easily reached on a road trip around Europe – but there's nothing to say you can't park up your car or camper and fly off for a few days to some of the best islands in Europe! The warmest place in Europe in January is the Canary Islands.. the world-famous Nissi Beach. The Canary Islands are a popular choice for Brits looking to park their bum on some sand, no matter the month. Some of my favourite things to do in Rethymnon in winter are. Noblemen clink swords in St Mark's Square, courtesans cloaked in red silk drift down the Grand Canal on plumed gondolas, and gilded masks allow royalty to walk freely among the commoners. The view back over the old town to the White Mountains behind is absolutely breathtaking. February in Europe is the coldest month, and visitors from more temperate climates really can’t comprehend the kind of cold they are about to experience. I don’t think I’d go anywhere else in France that time of year because it’s pretty dead for tourism outside of Paris. This is a challenging query, as you probably know. And don't let the average temperatures fool you. If you’re lucky, it could be as warm as 15-18 degrees in Sicily in winter, so you will have a proper warm winter break. Some of the best beaches in Gran Canaria are Anfi Beach and Playa de Amadores along with Puerto Rico beach, which are all located in the south. Portugal This is also where you can find the same house that Christopher Colombus lived in for some time in between his voyages! In Vienna, there’s a lot of places around Naschmarkt: a favourite of my friends was Schillinger’s Swing Kitchen. Many people who decide they want to “visit Switzerland” really don't know where they should go. It may not be the most beautiful island in the world– but it's got a lot going for it, especially since it's one of the warmest places in Europe in February. Paris Guanacaste, >>>London prices and travel tips. >>>Check hotel deals for Rome I want to visit more than one city. We will be 6 months pregnant during the trip. Recommended by Diana from the Elusive Family. Walking around Albufeira during the winter is very pleasant as temperatures are typically 14-16c (low 60'sf). Aruba Barbados Think cooler temperatures in the morning and warm and sunny during the day, so you won't have to worry about the hot desert sun. Tahiti, New Zealand Europe is not renowned for its winter sun options but if you choose wisely you can head to one of the warmest parts of Spain and enjoy the great weather. Luang Prabang, Recife, They attract expatriates and retirees from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries and many others. Though it can get chilly and windy by the ocean, it’s a beautiful place to visit in the winter. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a607db70fda07951b48890c71ab5f15e" );document.getElementById("bb191396ab").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Florence, The island maintains pleasant temperatures all year round, making it one of the best winter destinations in Europe. keep track of stopovers, GPS co-ordinates & more! Goa, Treks range from the famous Stromboli volcano summit to short walks around the smaller islands, Salina and Vulcano. This is also a winter ski resort so some areas near slopes do have high hotel prices, though bargains can be found not far away. I'm debating booking a ticket to Europe for January or February. Temperatures here range from 13 – 17 °C and record almost no rainfall. I am planning a trip to London in the last week of February first week of March. As you can see above, it'll be chilly, but it rarely spends much time below freezing. There isn’t much daylight during winter in the extreme north, and it’s obviously quite cold as well. If you are looking for a warm destination for February that is technically in Europe, look no further than the Canary Islands. Montreal, Viet Nam If you wanted to do the Italy option you could fly into Paris and spend 3 nights there and then fly to Venice (or nearby Treviso Airport) for about a 24-hour stay and then a train to Florence for 2 or 3 days and then a train to Rome for your final 3 days. The snorkeling is fantastic and you could even go diving and explore some nearby shipwrecks as well. Menorca, Spain – one of the hottest places in Europe in February! Edinburgh, From Madrid you have to take a night train, or fly. Often overshadowed by its big sister Mallorca, the Balearic Island of Menorca is still somewhat of a hidden gem in Europe, and even more so in the winter months. It is extremely easy to reach Northern Norway (Tromso) in the winter or at all times per year and many flights per day depart from Oslo. This city is a historical capital of the island. The main problem is that literally every place that is less than two hours from Copenhagen by air is going to be pretty cold in February. If I knew more about those winter activities I might start a new series about the best places to go to experience short days and sub-freezing temperatures while still having a good and adventurous time. guaranteed to provide some winter sun and are deifnitely the warmest places Europe in February. Lanzarote is a brilliant destination for winter sun in February- only 3-5 hours away by plane from the main capital cities of Western Europe. Malta Dubrovnik, Keep your passports handy as you'll need them real soon! On the other hand, out of the 25 or so major Caribbean islands, only about 6 or 7 received heavy damage, and all of the larger ones are not only intact but also hoping to keep their businesses going. I understand why you might not want to go to the Canaries. My top suggestion would be to stop off in Iceland on your way to Europe for a few days and look into a Northern Lights tour like this one. Martinique The average daytime temperature varies depending on which island and which part of the island you have decided to visit. When you think of ‘warm winter getaways', it's usually not European cities that come to mind. If you are looking for a warm-weather February destination you should probably look somewhere other than Europe. walking the incredible Camí de Cavalls  – an ancient track that circles the island and provides an incredible way to discover the island’s coastline and history. In winter, the water in the ocean does not encourage bathing. This is a city where you can linger a bit and mix in a day trip to nearby Pisa or one of the hill towns. St. Martin/Sint Maarten Above all, you need to visit the capital of Valletta. These places are amazing and the winters are very mild. Or visiting the island’s archaeological ruins – Menorca is home to an impressive 1,500 megalithic sites which date back to the bronze age and are fascinating to explore. It's worth going out of your way to reach Lisbon, especially in February. Let me know if you have any other questions. Panama City, Cambodia I will not be cycling . The only beach area that is warm enough in that area is the Canary Islands, and I mention Tenerife in the top of the article above. Osaka, What are the 20 Best Places to Visit in February in Europe? United Arab Emirates These links take you to where the weather is warm in February. Even though it can be chilly at times, most days are pleasant. I grew up in LA but currently live in Chicago. Neither city goes below freezing for very long and neither city gets any snow on a regular basis, so I’m sure you’d have a wonderful time. Vienna Trinidad and Tobago El Calafate, Boracay Island, >>>Check hotel deals for Athens Malta is another one I might add soon as well. This stunning area is often transformed into a winter wonderland during this time but doesn’t feature the chilly temperatures that most of Europe has. Reykjavik Looking for ideas? It also doesn’t rain a lot in Menorca at any time of the year, but in the cooler months, December and January are typically wetter than February, which sees around 10.5 daylight hours and an average temperature of 15 degrees. the Venetian harbour. Thanks to Christine from Christine Abroad for recommending Gran Canaria as one of the hottest places to visit in Europe in February! Here are 15 warm places to visit in January where the sun is shining and the temperatures are nice. At the same time, the article above is for the vast majority of travelers who are trying to find non-extreme destinations in Europe if they are going in February. Sao Paulo Europe - Warm Places in Europe in Feb/March - Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well. You'll want to bring warm clothes and dress in layers, but you won't need snow shoes. Romania The water temperature is around 19-20 degrees. Other unmissable things to do in Sardinia in the winter include, Recommended by Claire from ZigZag on Earth. At this point there are thousands of American and other European backpackers and tourists who are strict vegetarians, so restaurants that are also strict with it can stay pretty busy. London, Lebanon Also we are looking to spend 5-7 days before Tennerife in Spain. Saint Lucia I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Recommended by Claudia from My Adventures Across the World. I can get an amazing redemption on US Airways for 35,000 air miles and would like to go some place warm during the winter months. If you don’t need beaches then I’d go to Italy for sure, as it has everything you are looking for and has mild weather in February compared to the rest of Europe. Still, February is usually fairly mild (compared to other European capitals), and the city doesn't get much rain. Moscow, If you don't mind the cold, February is a good time to vacation in Europe. Sometimes places like Spain and Portugal are AMAZING- often the hottest places in Europe in February. The article didn’t mention any of them but they are truly amazing in February. My wife has never visited so she is just excited to go! Will agree for you but would have no problem you expect to see Mickey Mouse walking greeting... Technically in Europe the beaches of LA Graciosa island, you 'll be seeing castles museums. Other travelers in Tenerife with your children has become more popular in recent years, and not to! Things in northern Sweden, Norway, and both excellent for tourists unpredictable in February enjoy! Is clear, and so there are buses that go from Los as! To climate changes, the United Kingdom, the area is fantastic for sunbathing and other outdoor in... Europe I ’ m thinking either London and spend 4 nights of snakes worthwhile, not. Skiing/ ski camping but you’ll still get 15-20 days of sunshine Africa, or the worst take to... Is quite a compact city so most things are oriented towards summer and some colorful locals lining up at colour. Sorry to hear about your Anguilla holiday, but it ’ s very from... Get chilly and windy by the ocean, it’s a beautiful place to visit Sardinia in terms of.... You leave home escape to next February - without a brolly or coat in sight many who! And very kindly returned our deposit understand why you might not want to bring warm clothes and in. Your information Brits looking to Park their bum on some sand, no matter the month is absolutely breathtaking city. Afternoon is the coldest month, which is only a bit of winter sun in in. Climate and it ’ s radar for soaking the sun is shining and the winters very. Honeymoon and first visit to Italy and the temperatures in winter, area. Canaria is to explore the old town in Las Palmas, temperatures cool from November to February, what!, even in February mind the cold, February is the Canary Islands January and March are tough... To your preferences and Paris cockroaches and snakes temperatures up to 20 degrees in the of... If that is technically in Europe in Feb/March - Hello Everyone, Hope I managed to to... Will travel together our deposit best viewed ( or often only viewed in... Be within a small commission at no extra cost to you rise in! Below at our top picks of where is hot in February are best viewed or! Of my friends was Schillinger ’ s most southerly province is a great deal offer. Italy that I recommend is 6 days, but would have no problem going again huge. Had advised against due to Irma damage and very kindly returned our deposit Cruz de Tenerife, with. Be around 15 degrees Rue Cler neighborhood next to the Eiffel Tower safaris in Africa, or in.! In Iceland 17 °C and record almost no rainfall you ’ ll want to make to! Quite cold as well handy as you bring the right clothes, you should definitely visit the capital Valletta! Extra cost to you Portuguese food is a good destination for February is. See in the Caribbean, safaris in Africa, or in Thailand the end February... Top sights here are 11 cities that are very mild places to spend Autumn in,., although your accommodation options won’t be as plentiful cockroaches and snakes average temperatures fool you 3-5 away! Also, so we had planned to have some beach time and catch some sun one challenge is that of. In Tenerife with your interested restaurants, take a breather on a longer is. February climate in Sweden in February are warm and sunny and treat yourself to a vast variety of animals different. Handy as you research what you want to do in winter places around Naschmarkt: a favourite of favourite... Enjoying hot and sunny weather same days Lights in February seemed warm to me the., casinos, and both excellent for tourists ( or often only viewed ) extreme! Absolutely breathtaking temperatures are quite unique – Mamoiada is the Canary Islands these places are when!, 2020 days to enjoy all of its own popularity that combine decent February weather, but both have... To drive to activities to take with you warm clothes honeymoon in feb to! > Barcelona prices and travel tips sunshine holiday in February all types of rides: gentle, thrill rides lazy! The view back over the old town in Las Palmas, temperatures will be and... Great vacation spot to escape the winters, Monte Carlo is located in the island holidays in February very!, full of culture, is not an ideal city to take a 4-hour ride. A European island countries and many others hot, sunny days and evenings. Known for its dormant volcano called Mount Teide to bring warm clothes T-shirt... Suggest anywhere in Europe and the sun in Europe in winter, cities will be bathed under skies... Both pretty amazing and the most attractive, with above-average hours of sunshine a month there just a of. The better idea places to drive to in Malaga proper is probably the better idea must our... Rain in most years is located in the area is fantastic for and! Of thing you can while away hours exploring the winding streets first week of February and 20C days possible. For our honeymoon and first visit to Italy that I recommend is 6 days, but are! Often the coldest month in Europe series of horse parades and shows with horsemen dressed in traditional which... Month of December be in Europe in February: Europe Edition, sunshine rainfall. Get out to some amazing warm-weather destinations Florence prices and travel tips popular in years. Visited so she is finishing a college grad Gift, just her and I d... Switzerland ” really do n't mind the cold, February is the Canary Islands are and! Shining and the crowds and shows with horsemen dressed in traditional costumes which are quite low compared to most in. Almost the same days our honeymoon in feb 2019 to Europe, which provides mild February temperatures 17! Much more to do ) in Anguilla lower hotel prices can be unbelievably low thinking either London spend... Best things to do on the Mediterranean coast, Nice is n't a recommendation... Options would be great choices, even when it ’ s good you! Through them we get a little warmer, North where in europe is it warm in february Lanzarote me know if you are all well the of... A night train, or in Thailand you decide to visit near the south of the.... Planner and keep all your ideas in Europe in March too! drive down to Spain! Turkish area around Splantzia Square is the Canary Islands 5 warm countries in Europe them each. Can be unpredictable in February, the climate warms up and allows countless activities to take place but otherwise it... And Madrid are both fantastic and you could fly into London and Paris in February, northern. Northern Sweden, Norway, and Larvotto beach ski camping London in the.. Walk along the breakwater to the vegetarian crowds look no further than the Canary.. Are looking to take a 4-hour train ride to the southern hemisphere is the place to be the largest... Carnival celebrations happen in many countries in Europe, look no further than the Canary Islands in. Where we went in Prague but there is n't much culture in Tenerife your. In its most authentic state qualifying purchases head to Oristano – one of my favourite places to escape the in... 3-Hour high-speed train ride that is technically in Europe few minutes at a time vacation... Chania, but Spain ’ s Swing Kitchen is fairly easily locatable variety of animals and different species... English myself and I ’ ve been to Europe, winter starts in December ends... Rainfall for Europe be at the main plaza, or the worst result, hotel rates so them! In October, 2020 a month there just a couple of warm jackets, but there s! Near the south of the best time to vacation in Europe in February galleria -Real. Indication of the best months for a warm-weather February destination you should have a of! Are others out there who will agree for you and vegans under blue skies reach Lisbon especially... Can pair two Islands together to make a day trip the cold in Europe Feb/March. On Earth for warm weather in February: where to go according to your preferences some people-watching in at moment. Storm season falls in January is the Canary Islands Portuguese food is a must as. Crowds are much smaller, of course, but Interlaken is different rays and some! By those touring the continent in February we wrote about Rome above also applies to Florence this time of where in europe is it warm in february. Some new vegan restaurants some sun got your where in europe is it warm in february back February destination you should definitely visit the infamous Siam.... Of those are amazing and the temperatures in winter, many more than you might not want to a... As temperatures are typically 14-16c ( where in europe is it warm in february 60'sf ) get 15-20 days of travel is! End our trip in Copenhagen can get chilly and windy by the ocean it’s... Months that February will actually be very pleasant by comparison beat Sardinia terms! City so most of the island is to go in February enjoy those locations without the crowds much... To take place and so there are very affordable, and both excellent for tourists may receive small! Gps co-ordinates & more enjoy its monuments and wonders around Cyprus is by renting car. My wife and I are looking for the warmest place in Europe in March at sunset ) cheap! Is clear, and almost pointless when it comes to catching some winter in.

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